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  1. Amlocks

    Double bit safe blank

    Can also use a Lips blank at a pinch then
  2. Amlocks

    Double bit safe blank

    Weirdly the cutout is on the wrong side. Does the key turn anticlockwise to open? If not then the notch is purely decorative
  3. Only the older locks from 1970s need smaller OD 80s and 90s versions with "magic module" footprint all have lots of tolerance in the cap keyway
  4. Most of this style were restricted but on three levels. Union would supply G prefix to anyone with letter of authorisation. A prefix only to the original registered supplier and R prefix only as cut keys. All this probably went out the window years ago. No proper stamping, no visible B to denote a copy. Doubtful the section was ever A or R. Union should still be able to supply no doubt with a minimum order charge. Unless it was a popular section someone recognises its unlikely anyone made copt blanks so easy entri probably best bet.
  5. Keysaw. Hate seeing shoulders filed
  6. Amlocks

    Zone padlock key?

    File the shoulder back 1054 ?
  7. Thanks. Tried one of the Asec garage door keys and think it can be modified ok. Less work than the Papaiz certainly
  8. Does anyone please know for sure which blank will fit this lock? I only carry Papaiz and it's too chunky. Thanks
  9. Can always give them my number later!!!
  10. Looks like a shitty Chinese job. Cut to pattern or to lock but not to code
  11. You have to send the Fichet key to the agents in Herts, about £100 per copy and several days. They will only deal directly with customer. I was trying to get copy blanks but have now been told they are rubbish quality. I have a collection of second hand Fichet locks some with multiple keys but they are very expensive
  12. Amlocks

    Safe Key - pipe 7g

    I don't think there is an off the shelf blank with such a thin wall. Have you measured the OD?