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  1. I've got an old Wellpress shoe press that could do with the foam being replaced on the press head. Does anyone know a supplier or service provider who can refurbish these? Thanks for any info..
  2. Still looking for a small 240v band scourer if anyone has one available
  3. I'm looking to purchase a set of resin or wooden foot lasts suitable for using for rock shoe resoling. Non hinged ones will be the most suitable. Initially sizes 6 - 9 would get me going unless someone has a full set going cheap. See attached pic. Thanks if anyone is able to help out. Sue
  4. Thanks very much for all the replies. I've only just realised they were there as don't seem to have had any email notifications. I've acquired a press now. Cobblers.keys; I'll see if I can contact you. How big is the whitfield finisher? Cheers, Sue
  5. I'm looking for a small sole press with accompanying press feet, also a very simple small band scourer and maybe an oven or heating grill? Its to resole climbing shoes. Is anyone looking to let some old machinery go? Would be operating from a garage on 240v and on a small budget. I tried enquiring in a number of avenues from new and reconditioned machines, ebay and gumtree. So far I haven't really found anything very suitable. Thanks for any interest or useful advice, Sue