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  1. faisal

    Silca ID48

    Hi B.C. Looks like it's a ID 4M Philips Crypto transponder type which is not cloneable. Even many of the Vauxhall ID40s arent cloneable even though they are also old transponder types
  2. faisal


    I've tried the software on a few laptops - including Windows 7/8.1/10. Seems to run pretty solid on each. You shouldn't have any issues with it provided you've got a copy of the latest software. Faisal Jiwa Keyprint Security Ltd
  3. faisal

    Electronic latch

    How is the push button wired into the door & power supply - is it via some sort of access control system, or directly powered? If it's directly powered, then you'll need to connect it into some sort of relay to be able to control the amount of time that the power is triggered to the Strike. If it's through an access control system, give the details about it and I'm sure someone here will be able to tell you how to change the settings on it to give you more time. I hope that makes sense.