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  1. If it's a shambles it's our own shambles and proud of it.
  3. IF you don't pay income tax you shouldn't get to vote. Why should students get a say on how my taxes are spent. And how do you stop typing in italics?
  4. Speaking as a Scot I appreciate the £1250.00 per year per person more we get from the British treasury than any other part of the UK. Thankfully this Conservative Government has been financing the SNP's 12 billion per year financial black hole caused by it's incompetence. I saw Scottish industrial manufacturing go down the drain in the 60's all due to the trade unions running wild with the blessing of the labour party which now wants to re-nationalise. Oh well back to no post and candles at night. Regarding independence only Glasgow voted for, due to the influence of the Glasgow Irish, the remainder of Scotland voted NO. Also thanks to the Sturgeon Mafia we are the highest taxed part of the UK.
  5. I will state now that I will disagree with the result of the general election and demand a rerun until I get the result I want. That is also EU policy.
  6. We need a Trump in this country to get rid of the rottenness in Westminster
  7. We had a referendum to go in and a referendum to get out. you can't choose the one to dismiss.
  8. Sweeping bias statement presumably your against brexit and the will of the people. In that case I am against the next general election result if it goes against or agree with what i voted for. And if we have another referendum and it goes against brexit I will demand another referendum. What goes around comes around
  9. I voted to leave but the treachery going on at Westminster has me doubting that will now happen, So I am brushing up on my Arabic and Polish. I feel like a American Red Indian hopelessly seeing my Country given to others.
  10. Can't have it both ways, if you don't agree with the referendum results, then I don't agree with the votes in the commons, Come on Boris get us out of this very expensive straight jacket AKA European none Union
  11. Seems to be hidden posts here that I get notified about but unable to see.
  12. The EU can refuse a deal indefinitely in other words keep us in for ever, with us paying them and being subservient to them in every way. Lets have a riot.
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