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  1. The stench of trechery about our politicians is sickening. They all think they know what's better for us poor uneducated souls. We were told that if we voted out we would be trading on World Trade Rules so why have they moved the goal posts OUT MEANS OUT.
  2. Must have gone to the wrong school I thought out meant out and leave meant leave. Nothing to do with good or bad deal. The worst deal of all is remaining.
  3. jacko

    3D Closed

    They answered to me this morning and they are still doing codes.
  4. jacko

    3D Closed

    I was told it's due to computer faults and will be up and running shortly.
  5. It's the European way to keep having referendum's till they get the result they want. Germany rules OK
  6. Out sooner the better for me. Gets rid of god knows how many tiers of hangers on.[politicians]
  7. Never ever ever ever ever ever drop your prices on request. Very bad business practice to say the least. Once you set your price that's it. Never ever ever ever ever haggle this is Britain not the far East.
  8. Anyone know where to get a Givi 394 key for a motorbike box? TIA
  9. My insurance covers me for any vehicle with owners permission.
  10. 1/ Site call out with a bunch of keys. 2/ get him to remove handle and take to you.
  11. jacko

    freebies for nutters

    "The banks stopped my card will you take a cheque"
  12. jacko


    It's all down to Trump, and if not him it'll be the Russians. No I am not on Hillary's side.
  13. I admire you tenacity Fenderfreek in trying to accommodate your customer. I'm too lazy and would say no can do.{financially not worth the effort} But that's just me.