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  1. My first visit to this type of show - an education, and pointing towards the next step. I cut keys, what should I do next?
  2. I love Keys

    Card Payments

    We are with Elavon, pay about £18 for machine, 18p a debit card and 1.2% on most others. Insist on getting paid next day - when we started up, Barclays provided card services, but did not pay out for 30 days "in case there is a charge back". so it was a month between the customer paying and us getting the money. A lot of small businesses are scared of their banks and won't say no...
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    Hi All

    Thanks guys, Getting a tickle with them - We haven't got the chimneys, but they are helping me make a crust. Lee, Thanks, Father Jack loved his brick.... It's almost physical..