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  1. I'm interested in buying the letters were you are showing the M is it double line Roman?
  2. I put a similar topic on here a week or two back about the T83 version. Take a look down the previous posts you might find your answer.
  3. Spoke to abus uk today and was told t83 blanks are not in the country yet but when they are the cost will be aprox £3.50 and a cut to code key will be £9.50 ish plus p&p this is subject to me opening an account with them so customer ordering themselves might work out best price for them. Thanks for your info though.
  4. Thanks for your info. The customer told me that she can.get one from bike supplier which will cost £10 for key + £10 p&p.
  5. Customer just been in shop wanting spare key cut to bike battery casing. The bike is a cube touring pro. Case says global travel system on it. As you can see the key is an abus double sided and needs to be same length to go in casing. Can not see blank in reference books. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Great thanks web-engraver, Big price difference there. Would I need to buy a capacitor for the rotating direction?
  7. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I have just contacted hd but its a blank only not precut. There isn't a number on the lock so still struggling.
  8. The glass rotating display cabinet that I bought a few years ago has now packed in. I have looked around but can't quite find the same one anywhere. The difference I see is the speed is 1rpm and the cog attached to the outside. If anybody has a cabinet they don't use due to damage etc but the motor is working then please let me know.
  9. I am looking for a key that will work this lock it is to a patio door internal. I suspect it is a pre cut key however I have shown it my key reps in the past but none of them recognise it. If anyone can direct me or can supply one I would appreciate it. Thanks
  10. Engraving, trophies and keys are my main sellers now by far. Shoe repair machine is hardly on just lately. I have reduced my shoe care to clear the wall space for main items. Saying that I have a mate in another town that is still doing well on shoe repairs. ??
  11. Thanks abababa, I am trying to open an account with them now.
  12. Thanks simon1 so where can I get the case only with blade from?
  13. I am looking to get two replacement case only to refurb this key for a customer. Problem seems to be that circuit board is wider than cases on offer from cb, sks , hd. The fob in the picture is one that has been done at t's but has fell apart. The car it belongs to is a 2014 vw polo se. The other problem is the blade is not the same as the general hu66 that other vw's have?
  14. I have now bought a mastergrave compact and two gravograph tx3's to do the big cylindrical and flat cups and shields from a closed down engraver. Next purchase will be a laser engraving machine if I can find one .
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