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  1. I have not got a picture. A customer messaged me asking if I can get her 50 keyrings in the shape of a crown.
  2. What would be the best Jaws to have in for the triaxecode eg R1, R160 etc, etc also as a shop package what's best to have in it? I'm just wondering what is best to have in before I get going? Thanks again
  3. I have just had a customer call in with a request for some keyrings in the shape of a crown I can see on ebay but not SKS, HD, cb. Do you know supplies them? Thanks again
  4. Thanks Graham, I would like to take you up on that offer. Let me know when you are free so we can arrange a day etc. Thanks again
  5. I have just bought these two machines 2nd hand but neither come with the user manuals. If anyone has a copy they don't need please could you let me know because I have no idea how to use them yet. Looked online but does not help much. Thanks again
  6. What's the cost of instacode and is it a huge benefit to have over free availabilities? Thanks
  7. Hi, I think you will find this is the situation with most wholesalers etc due to a lot of stock/materials coming from abroad and being stuck at the boarders or taking longer to arrive from manufacturers location ie country. I know that one large wholesalers website only shows their products not necessarily the actual live stock levels and as you say you only find out when your order arrives with you.
  8. I am not sure how many I will cut in the fure of course but as it is now generally key cutting is the main part of my business and I have 5 manual key machines in the shop. Lancer, europa, mustang, another laser cutter and a tibbi machine. All being used at different times. So I am thinking ahead for the future. There was a triaxecode for sale for £3000 ono although I think that has now gone and a futura is on at £3500.
  9. I am looking into buying a key machine but wondering which would be the best option in the long run out of futura (not pro 5 years old) or triaxecode ( cut a little over 4500 keys). also what would each be worth ££s. Thanks again
  10. I am looking for an adaptor (lancer plus) or a machine to cut this type of key and the chubb abloy. Although I don't do many.
  11. I have just had a customer call in with this key for mobility scooter bent. I cannot find it in supplier books so would anyone be able to help me identify it hopefully precut
  12. Omg. These originals cost over £2 each. I have always used genuine for this key. Ul2 will do for me in future. Thanks again
  13. Bingo. That's what the problem is of course. On the flat item it is making it run over the edge and through the exposed gap. As you say when it runs on a cylindrical item it will cover the engraving area then run directly underneath the glass etc back into the bath. I used it on traffolite because I was frightened of burning it. Btw should anything cover traffolite or brass etc when it gets engraved? Thanks again
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