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  1. Engraving, trophies and keys are my main sellers now by far. Shoe repair machine is hardly on just lately. I have reduced my shoe care to clear the wall space for main items. Saying that I have a mate in another town that is still doing well on shoe repairs. ??
  2. Thanks abababa, I am trying to open an account with them now.
  3. Thanks simon1 so where can I get the case only with blade from?
  4. I am looking to get two replacement case only to refurb this key for a customer. Problem seems to be that circuit board is wider than cases on offer from cb, sks , hd. The fob in the picture is one that has been done at t's but has fell apart. The car it belongs to is a 2014 vw polo se. The other problem is the blade is not the same as the general hu66 that other vw's have?
  5. I have now bought a mastergrave compact and two gravograph tx3's to do the big cylindrical and flat cups and shields from a closed down engraver. Next purchase will be a laser engraving machine if I can find one .
  6. cobblers.keys

    Best thing to infill glass engraving?

    I will try that on one of my sample pieces. Thanks for your tip beware.
  7. I am engraving one or two glass tankards lately and think it better to infill them. Is there anything better than ruff and buff to do the job? Thanks for any info.
  8. cobblers.keys

    Looking for this badge pin supplier

    Thanks JamesST . Reliable stamping sorted me out perfect.
  9. cobblers.keys

    Looking for this badge pin supplier

    Thanks for your help. I will look into it on Monday.
  10. I have had a customer come in from the local Rotary lions looking for a number of these badge pins. Gold coloured blank so they can be engraved ideally where the back is fixed not open pinned. They are not quite the same as the general ones you can get for schools etc. Any help appreciated.
  11. cobblers.keys

    Best all round engraving machine???

    You say that I could get an is200TX for around 2k. What price do you think I could get a mastergrave universal 300 for ?? About the same price ?? Thanks
  12. cobblers.keys

    poor service from cousins

    Like I said. I will never be using them again. I will use the other company that is recommended.
  13. Does anybody know of a supplier of the type of sticks that walkers/ramblers use ? I stock general walking sticks but I am in an area where a lot of people come for walking holidays around the countryside etc. I don't want to stock a load until I see how they sell. Thanks
  14. I am looking at biting the bullet and interested in buying a decent machine. I can't afford a new one but need one that covers the majority of engraving work for my new shop. I have been open about one month now and most work/enquiries are for trophies or general engraving. The fact that the shop closed down last summer as a trophy shop by previous owner helps. I would prefer an engraver that can do multi plates and customers own images would be ideal. Does anybody know of something for sale??