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  1. I have just had a customer call in with 2 subaru keys needing new cases. I have looked again on 3d etc but can't find it. Anyone know who supplies them? Thanks again
  2. Would anyone know where to get this VW polo 61 reg fob from? I have looked on 3d & ebay but no joy. I have a customer requiring 2 refurbished. Thanks again
  3. Same for me too however quite a few from this range are out of stock and have been for a while now. Hope they get them back in stock ASAP.
  4. Is it possible to get the blanks for this key as customer needs 2 copies done? Thanks again
  5. Just had a yale patent z12a come in for copying got none in stock just checking that it cannot be done using a 11a customer needs 6 doing today Thanks
  6. I have a spare lancer plus for sale. Looking to sell for around £1100
  7. I take the meaning of the word independent as someone who works for themselves independently and not part of a company.
  8. I have dealt with Dennis and Siserve both are very good but as you asked for an independent I mentioned Dennis.
  9. Dennis Whitworth is a 1st class independent repair engineer. I could send you his number tomorrow if you want.
  10. Hi, Yes both genuine Carl f of HD copy should work fine
  11. what wold be the rrp be for these supply and engraved? The trade cost is £6.50 each + vat and they all need engraving X9 in total .
  12. Is there any stock of the imperial window key? I am struggling to find anywhere at trade price.
  13. Is that a sks reference number? The very next customer has bought this imperial window key in for extras but struggling to find this also. Thanks again
  14. Hi, Can anyone tell me the ref number to this key please? Customer just bought it to me for extra copies
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