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  1. cobblers.keys

    poor service from cousins

    Like I said. I will never be using them again. I will use the other company that is recommended.
  2. Does anybody know of a supplier of the type of sticks that walkers/ramblers use ? I stock general walking sticks but I am in an area where a lot of people come for walking holidays around the countryside etc. I don't want to stock a load until I see how they sell. Thanks
  3. I am looking at biting the bullet and interested in buying a decent machine. I can't afford a new one but need one that covers the majority of engraving work for my new shop. I have been open about one month now and most work/enquiries are for trophies or general engraving. The fact that the shop closed down last summer as a trophy shop by previous owner helps. I would prefer an engraver that can do multi plates and customers own images would be ideal. Does anybody know of something for sale??
  4. cobblers.keys

    poor service from cousins

    After all this time since the last post on this topic it doesn't look like cousins have got any better ( maybe worse ). I ordered some px625a batteries along with a couple of other items from them 2 weeks ago and never received them although they have emailed me an invoice. Email says they have my corresponding address ( my house which is also where I have deliveries sent to ) but on email it states goods were sent to shop address. I moved out of there 2 years ago and informed All suppliers this. The point is I have had other goods sent to my home address so they have this on record. I rang cousins this morning and was told goods have gone to my home address ( not what the invoice says ) when I tried to explain this to the person on the phone about it he just said go on website and deal with it he has other people on the phone to deal with. I asked him to pass me onto manager to discuss it with me he said he can't do that because this is only an ordering phone line. So thats cousins service for you. I will never be dealing with them again
  5. No thanks one's enough for any man
  6. Anybody interested in swapping my bench press with staple gun and feet included for an engraving machine with attachments etc ?
  7. If someone can collect this weekend £400 cash on collection. Thanks
  8. First offer of £500 can take it away
  9. Looking for offers around £500-£600 for it.
  10. Its already on there graham. Still lol there is one or two people that buy machines at their "right price" but it looks like they have stopped buying as much now.
  11. Is there anybody out there wanting a bench press single phase with staple gun and feet included. Can deliver via courier.
  12. cobblers.keys

    Best all round engraving machine???

    Thanks for your info. I have just looked on their website £10,500 +vat. Need to be busy to get that back. I will weigh it up. Thanks again.
  13. cobblers.keys

    Best all round engraving machine???

    Is that a mastergrave machine?
  14. I am wondering which is the best computerized engraving machine that is capable of engraving multiple trophy plates at once but can also engrave large cups and cylindrical bands etc. Also glass if possible? I am using a signature 8080 mini now that is restricted to single plates and tankard sized items.