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  1. I am constantly having a problem with needles coming out of the 'rod' regardless of how thick, speed or setting patch job is. All help appreciated because I have handbag, motorcycle boot and riding boot in all requiring zips in and another handbag strap needing stitching ASAP. Thanks again
  2. I have just had a customer call in with a request for a key for this gun safe key to be copied. Cabinet name is Bratton sound although no key/lock name on it. It's 3.5 gauge, bit is 16mm, inside hole/pin is 8 gauge. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again
  3. Thanks all, I have used the kw18 and shortened the tip. Customer hasn't returned it to me so I assume it works. Thanks again
  4. Talking about zippos. The price of zippo lighters have gone through the roof this year.
  5. I had a customer call in with this key for a trailer needing a spare copy. Any idea on what blank, cutting code or which machine to cut this type of key with? Thanks again
  6. Just wondering if there is a manual anywhere for this cea multi-type key machine I have just picked up? Thanks again
  7. Does anyone have any idea on what the last holder (5 on it) is used for and how to use it? Thanks again
  8. I have just picked a cea multi-type machine with 3 separate holders one for tibbi one for abloy although only the silca ay1 goes in not the silca ay18 and there is another holder that I can't work out what it holds.
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