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  1. Are the cylinders with that key profile exclusive to Screwfix? I've not seen them available elsewhere.
  2. keyman

    Key ID

    Possibly a Ronis... https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/VR61S-RONIS-CYLINDER-BLANKS/P128926 Maybe a little too short but by the look of the blank the shoulder can be cut back.
  3. keyman

    Mortice key Id

    If this is the same key I have come across a few times recently, Era viscount looking, approximately 7 gauge etc., when you measure the shaft you will find it is actually oval. The shaft is 7½ gauge across and 7, sometimes even 6½, gauge top to bottom. The bit of the key is usually taller than an Era too.
  4. Enviroplac wooden plaques, as far as I know, were supplied by the long-gone AT Cannon. Don't know if other trophy wholesalers distributed them.
  5. Union ML series. 10 blank differs determining which position and shapes the bullet wards are.
  6. keyman

    New cobbler

    Ha, and there was me thinking, well Birkenstock is a German brand, not sure about the hand=made bit though.
  7. keyman

    Key id

    Global Locking will also supply genuine blanks. Around £5 per blank if memory serves.
  8. I've seen a few keys similar to how Cowers Lane describes, Era lookalike, octagonal head, hole in the corner etc., except, apart from the taller bit, it had no branding despite being one of the keys that came with the lock. Funny thing is the pin of the key was oval! 7½ gauge horizontally, 7 gauge vertically. To be honest, I told the customer I told the customer I could only cut a duplicate if I had the lock to hand as it had all the signs of being on a hiding to nothing.
  9. keyman

    Knott trailer key

    Possibly... HD ABT1
  10. keyman

    Embracing change

    Agreed. As long as there's self-employed people there'll be cash payments. Remember when we were also once promised a "paperless office"? Then it became a requirement to start keeping additional hard-copy records (in secure storage, of course). "They" make the rules up as they go along.
  11. Dave Lawson from Davenports was a rep I remember, now sadly departed, even when I was a mere pup he was always happy to help, advise and, if necessary, instruct. Seemed like he was never happier than when he was behind a key machine.
  12. Always been cutting these for years on a HD 16HL without issue.
  13. To be fair, I've had genuine Era 6 pin blanks that did not fit into Era 6 pin cylinders.
  14. keyman

    New Stock

    I have had several reps tell me this over the years. Three years ago I bought three visi-packed upvc window restrictors and put them on prominent display, I still have one left (and I know for a fact a guy who bought one of them bought it for another use). Maybe it's just reps selling stuff, y'know, doing their job, fair enough. Maybe it's just an area thing. I'm in the North East where upvc is everywhere but people would rather spend their spare pounds on pints and a Parmo rather than security. But do window restrictors really sell so well?
  15. I have an old version of the Silca Marcator. Every key that gets put on a peg gets stamped first. http://www.silca.biz/en/products/key-replacement-business/122484/engraving-devices.html (scroll down to the bottom of the page)