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  1. Maybe Silca TRK8DP or TRK11DP
  2. The new Futura Pro Unlimited has free lifetime software updates. futura-pro-unlimited-brochure.pdf
  3. Silcaltd

    Key ID please

  4. Silcaltd

    ilco PU1 blank

    Silca ref PD1
  5. http://www.silca.biz/en/catalogues/186850/silca-electronic-keys-catalogues.html Available for PC or mobile or you can download the free MySilca App which includes the key catalogues and much more. http://www.silca.biz/en/products/1177916/silca-mobile-app.html
  6. Chinese. Sold mainly into North Africa.
  7. Silcaltd

    Brisant Blank

    Silca ref HGO1R. In the catalogue under Hugo as they also rebrand Federal cylinders.
  8. Silcaltd

    Tessi shutter key

    Maybe have a look at the FTH blanks in the Silca catalogue.
  9. Silca ref SSA4R?
  10. Silcaltd

    Vitris Key Blank

    Looks like Silca ref MLM9
  11. The only adaptor available now is the V1 Rotating clamp only for 399 which is not the same as 299. The original adaptor GP refers to was made for the Unocode Classic. There is also a Delta machine for Abus.
  12. Looks like KeyULTRA - restricted.
  13. Why not supply new keys with ornate heads? Silca have a large range of ornamental keys.