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  1. I have just completed a "facebook for business" course. Fascinating stuff!! Is it me or has "word of mouth" recommendation been replaced by"likes" and "online reviews"? Ps you can "like" me here:- https://www.facebook.com/Starzecs
  2. Hi Robin Sorry, I've just arrived late to this discussion. Here is a link to register SoMSR on the approved list oforganizations to get tax relief on subscriptions, making membership free (as I understand it as a simple cobbler), to tax paying shoe repairers.(I hope that includes all of us) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/professional-organisations-approval-for-tax-relief-application All the best with your new appointment, but the phrases "thick skinned" and "poisoned chalis" spring to mind. Glad to help in any way that I can.
  3. It won't be everybody's "cup of tea" but if you like folk music, check out this song that was loosely based on our town (Keynsham) and our shoe repair business. I like it but I didn't dare to put it the tune of the day topic, I can't understand a word that they sing. Its called "Starzecs" by Gavin Osborn & The Comment Section https://mylittleowlrecords.bandcamp.com/track/starzecs
  4. Sorry. I don't know what the SSIA is. I am an old codger. (embaressed red faced emoji)
  5. I suppose that the big question is "What can they do with their limited resources?" Do we give them up or do we look on them in a similar way as the monarchy, as a figure head for our trade. I liked the way that "Flash" paraphrased JFK. That we "ask not what my organization can do for me but ask what can I do for my organization" Several good points have been raised. The transparency is issued is easily resolved by publishing or sending to members the anual accounts. They always used to! The strong leadership has been tried. We had a general secretary called, I think, Mike Lynch. He was highly paid and highly motivated but couldn't raise the membership numbers and revenue, to a level to support the aims and ambition that he had.There were only about 6000 independent repairers and I would suggest there are far fewer now. The biggest membership incentive in my mind is the members only discount deals from suppliers. It was tried. It fell by the wayside when suppliers were reluctant to show favouritism to members and feared the backlash from non members. I love the idea of a skills based membership!! I suggested it a long time ago. The idea was to have a 3 tier membership with level of membership written under the window sticker logo incorporating the year. Level 1. Associate member. Entry level. Referenced by a supplier Level 2. Full member. After a skills based test. Level 3. Fellow. After a skills and written test similar to the old city and guilds grade 3 The fellowship recipient would be allowed to use the letters FSoMSR after his name and on his/her promotional material and advertising. The problems are, of course and as usual, the cost! We work in a discount orientated trade where everybody is looking to save every penny and find the cheapest deal. I know because I am probabl;y one of the biggest offenders! I would anticipate that the costs of a test would be (and I am guessing here) about £500 plus traveling expenses. Are there enough (any) willing to pay for these qualifications. So what of the future for SoMSR? It looks bleak as we old stalwart supporters fade away. (sad face emoji)
  6. We have heard lots of reasons why people don't want to engage with SoSMR, but we have'nt had any constructive suggestions on what they CAN do to be a benefit to members. What do we want from our trade organization? Discounts from suppliers? Its been tried but not supported. What would encourage members here to join SoMSR?
  7. Hi everybody. I have just installed (at great expense) a large monitor to play shoe repair/ shoe care related videos to encourage customers to wait for repairs. It will give them something to watch and me a chance to advertise our products and services. My problem is finding relevant videos!! None of my suppliers seem keen or even interested, which surprised me as it is obviously a marketing opportunity for them as well! Any ideas or suggestions? Regards Ted
  8. Hi everybody I am looking for a new Epos system. Does any body know where I can get a shoe repair specific system, preferably "off the peg"? Regards Ted
  9. Me too. The government has set up a company called NEST. Free to set up, no running costs (as yet) and very helpful customer service. Website isn't very user friendly though.
  10. TedStarzec

    My new website

    Easy. I asked the SoMSR for their help and they guided me in the right direction and set up a website and facebook page, for a small cost, explained how to add to it. Bish bash bosh, Bob's yer uncle, job's a good un
  11. Hi everbody. I have started to embrace social media!!! Any tips or ideas? If you get a chance, check out my new website that i am building myself (not bad for an old un whose first calculator was a slide rule) and "like" my face book page. www.starzecs.co.uk www.facebook.com/starzecs You don't need to be tactful, I don't cry easily. What do think about twitter? Thanks to SoMSR for helping me to push this particlar boat out. Regards Ted
  12. Is it just me? Noone else that I speak to has had to register for workplace pensions. Not only have I had to register, I have had to have my staff pensions in place by March 2016. My daughter manages an international company and they have their activation date for next year! Everything is done now and it is not as complicated as you might think to set it up. Has anyone else had any experiences with the "pensions regulator"?