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  1. One on our website at a great price, comes with the Smart Dongle and Smart Aerial, in mint condition, 12 months warranty and tech support. If you want to buy in January I will drop the price to £2100 + vat and add one months unlimited use. https://www.hickleys.com/diagnostics/used_equipment_item.php?p=usedmvppro5 Let me know Robin Huish Hickleys ltd
  2. 15% OFF EVERYTHING ONLINE THIS FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDAY We're taking 15% off all products online for Black Friday That's right. Everything online has 15% off. This includes our clearance items! There's 15% off of all keys, remotes and transponders, as well as 15% off of larger equipment. On top of this, delivery is free on all orders as well. Visit www.hickleys.com
  3. Hi Phil It's a brand new machine, comes with everything you would get with a new one, it's a few years old but only been out of the box for display at shows etc It will have the 3 jaws A, B, C, I don't think it has F at that price but I will check on Tuesday and put some photos up. Robin
  4. Hi all Used Miracle A5, exdemo A6 & A9, used BD Lazer and other machines available here https://www.hickleys.com/diagnostics/used_equipment.php We also have a new BD Lazer at £3995 that's not on the web yet. Donation to forum if sold (remember to tell us you saw it here) Robin Hickleys ltd 01823 328532
  5. Robinhuish

    MVP Pro

    4 x MVPPros with varying number of tokens and 12 months warranty on our used section plus some miracle key cutting machines, Mention this site and we'll be happy to donate to the Jimmy Mizen fund https://www.hickleys.com/diagnostics/used_equipment.php Robin Hickleys ltd
  6. Simply keys, What a great show Thanks to everyone that came, the numbers were up with well over 350 through the doors, the feedback was great with customers making a point of saying how much they enjoyed the show, the demos and importantly walking out with some great deals. Congratulations to all that won prizes, we handed out more than £30,000 in prizes with some lucky customers winning a Zedfull and two MVPPro's. A big thank you to all our customers, it was great to see you again .
  7. Robinhuish

    T17 80bit 4d63

    We have 4D63 80bit carbon for a Ford in stock, All our stock is at the Simply keys show this weekend, so either you can visit and get a discount or order and we'll send out Monday. Robin Hickleys
  8. Robinhuish

    auto section

    Hi Guys Some of the show deals run until the 2nd June and you can order over the phone, however carriage is not free like it is at the show. Some deals like tokens are only available on the day at the show. No one gets to see or order the offers prior to the show. I will ensure a copy of the offers are put up on our website early next week and I'll put up a copy here. As for the Smart remote programmer, it's a great tool, definitely no tokens. The software runs on a PC or mobile phone, quick & easy to use, vehicle is selected, smart remote is placed on the SRP and programmed instantly, no stripping or connecting cables, put the correct transponder in the slot, cut and fit the FH blade and program to the car. There are 4 remote types, 1 popular that excludes transponder, 3 others that have built in transponder, there are 2 application lists, one to use when you you only clone and the remote is manual program and a second larger application list where you have an MVPPRO (or alternative) and can program the transponder & remote. We have a great deal at show for customers with an MVPPRO where you get free tokens for buying an SRP. Let me know if you have other questions Because of the preparation we're doing for the show we are a bit slow putting the SRP on our website. But there is a good video and lots of support literature we will put up soon. Regards Robin
  9. Robinhuish

    auto section

    Come to Simply keys The Silca smart remote programmer will be there and a full demonstration constantly available. There are some amazing launch special offers for the show as well. It's still a few weeks before product is available but getting your name on the advance order list is important. Hopefully we will see you there, it's going to be a great day. Www.hickleys.com
  10. Used Zedfull, 1300 credits, Mercedes kit, Mercedes software and BMW cables all with 12 months warranty & support on the used section of our website. Also a range of AD100pro's with differing software, a selection of key cutting machines many new or ex demo including a triax-e-code & Prima Lazer If anyone is interested Best regards Robin Hickleys
  11. Watch this space, one becoming available in a few days https://www.hickleys.com/diagnostics/used_equipment.php Hickleys
  12. Robinhuish

    Key machine sell off

    Sorry Lack of information on the leaflet and website. This unit is a Silca Bravo "Maxima" which has a higher list of £1995.00. Hence the higher price. This was a special order that the customer didn't complete the purchase, happy to look at a sensible offer. Robin
  13. Hi All We have put many of our used, exdemo, display and training centre key cutting machines up for sale in September. There is also a couple of MVPPro's and AD100pros if anyone is interested. see here https://www.hickleys.com/diagnostics/used_equipment.php I'll make a donation if you quote the forum when you purchase Best regards Robin Huish Hickleys Ltd
  14. Robinhuish

    Vauxhall codes

    Available from our code service https://www.hickleys.com/diagnostics/codeservice/all_codes.php Robin Hickleys