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  1. Bit dodgy that the top has been filed or ground off.
  2. Has anyone tried ressing tin foil into the key blade for the machine to read? Asking more out of curiosity than anything.
  3. Thanks mate. You're right, it does look more professional. I'm just a bit lazy to get my laptop out and connect to the hotspot.
  4. Hi. Not a huge problem but when I'm out on the road and plug my Mini into my mobile phone, it usually won't power up. I then plug it into my laptop which powers it up, and then after that when I plug it into my mobile it powers up. Anyone had this?
  5. Hey mate. I left the UK 6 years ago so don't know much about the range of dimple keys but what about the miracle A9? Good price, can do auto track keys and I think does key marking too now. Get a Keyline mini to go with it and your auto is set. Like I said, I don't know whether it will do some if any of the domestic dimple keys but maybe someone here will explain. Only thing is it's no good for domestic cylinder keys.
  6. Ohh sweet jesus. That's just f%(ked. You can't compete. And don't. All you can do is give the absolute best service you can and reinforce to them of the consequences of paying someone for something that is "too good to be true." Good luck to you all.
  7. A friend of mine has a shop in West London. Behind the counter is a baseball bat appropriately called the "Discount Stick"!
  8. Decent deadlocks on rear doors (assuming the front is separated by a shield), DECENT alarm, just to let you know it's being broken into. Also definitely remove programmers at night. Seriously bolt down key machines. Like Rapid says, just got to make it as hard as possible for them to take stuff. If they want to get in they will. This is obviously apart from them nicking your keys somehow. Really feel for you guys as I lived and worked in London from 2000-2010.
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