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  1. Hi all,just bought New keyline gymkana used it for a few weeks now,seems good machine and well built.no problems so far,but would have to say it will be light use only as keys are not my main buisness,although planning to do more keys as I'm not getting any younger and servicing and heavy work is taking its toll. Purchased from davonports,they were ok to deal with although Tony Wilkins was on furlow which made things a little slow but we got there in the end.All the keys I have cut have been ok Renault card blades,old vectra,hu100, hu101,va2,hu43.
  2. Hi 247 locksmiths .Just a quick note regarding your internet ad be very warey using car manufacturers logos i had a legal case with vw after one of their agents reported me for using their roundall logo without been an approved repairer.spoke to a guy in London who took them on as a vw specialists it cost him 50k. Mike hometune
  3. Hi , this is listed on e bay what are you wanting for it current bid is 432. Mike hometune
  4. Hi all.any tibbe key cutting machines for sale ,one in South yorkshire has it been sold Cheers Mike hometune
  5. Hi guys ,any recommendations for insurance for mobile van contents and liabilities. Cheers Mike fleet
  6. Hi chaps,so recommend a good machine that isn't a fortune.any views on bd laser.
  7. Hi all,any of you guys use gm truecode application there does not seem to be any info on their web site regards any problems etc Mike fleet Hometune
  8. Hi all,sure i saw what u want from nw keys bootle liverpool Mike fleet Hometune
  9. Hi all,anyone comments on keyline ninja and silca futura. Hometune
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