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  1. Dave the locksmith

    Gerda H Plus Blank

    Gerda use Cisa and Iseo keys as well as their own profiles.
  2. Dave the locksmith

    A new one on me.

    Had a customer come in today complaining the keys I cut were to noisy going into the lock !! After 25 years + I thought I'd heard it all.
  3. Dave the locksmith

    Hegel cylinder lock

    Was it possibly HEGO ? if so they are corbin blanks I believe
  4. Dave the locksmith

    Federal UCF Blanks

    Sent last post last night (Thursday)
  5. Dave the locksmith

    Latest InstaCode

    It is the latest instacode that i have.
  6. Dave the locksmith

    Latest InstaCode

    Can't find that no. as an L&F on either instacode or silca.
  7. Dave the locksmith

    Anyone know what make these are please

    M&C colour range i think. https://m-c.eu/en/product/casa-security-cylinder/
  8. https://www.sks.co.uk/jma-double-bitted-safe-blank-51307 this the right one ?
  9. Dave the locksmith

    Computerised Mortice machine's

    Judging from the amount of people sent to me by homebase i would say they are not great.
  10. Dave the locksmith

    Union MN Keys

    Aldridges, SKS
  11. Dave the locksmith

    A new beginning!!!! Hello :)

    Approximately 25 Auto locksmiths within 15 miles of you. Good luck in your endeavours
  12. Dave the locksmith

    Dimple Key ID

    5 different cards for WJ1R