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  1. To cut a customers key is exactly the same price as if they buy the key from me, no exceptions.
  2. Just look at wardrobe keys, they usually fancy with worn finish
  3. Incorrect. We own one that the remote packed up on, the key locks and unlocks all doors from the lock.
  4. I had problems updating my software, i had been trying to update through the program not SRS. When i went to SRS it worked ok eventually had to load and reload about 5 times.
  5. Got one of the originals sent to me for evaluation, still hanging on the wall good talking point when people ask for a good padlock.
  6. Boot lock probably got the key no. on it, maybe the cam not the lock body
  7. I agree SKS of old were helpful but nowadays ? Struggle to get correct items in the delivery
  8. I know this an old topic but did you ever find an equivalent or a supplier for this blank ?
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