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  1. They are on you tube cannot get more public than that. But point taken
  2. Tried 3 browsers, same result, cleared cache, cookies etc. still the same.
  3. https://keysinthepost.com/product/volvo-car-key/ These people list the series on your key.
  4. Everytime I try to get on the site I have to reset my password. I reset it and then next time I login it tells me its wrong so I have to reset it again. Any ideas ?
  5. The new SKS Maxus 3* cylinders are coming soon. Basically a Federal Ironguard (6YCF profile)
  6. Mul t lock 3DS, had nothing but problems with ultion gave up with them to many failures.
  7. Try 1010 security http://www.1010security.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Session_ID=267a4d5a8e38a14b15a023ace5298729&Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=1010&Category_Code=KYBL
  8. Another Assa Abloy product, been getting a few of these i have had no luck finding blanks. A "nationwide" lock company has been fitting these as master suites on care homes and council properties.
  9. We take Ultion locks out now as soon as we can , the failure rate is so high i don't know how they keep selling the things.
  10. Silca ASS188 is the longer one your looking for i think
  11. AS-20D is JMA reference is the one rooman means
  12. The early Mul-t-lock machines could be purchased or leased from MTL depending on your stock holding / turnover. The new KC5 is also available as a lease machine or for outright purchase and they have come down in price.
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