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  1. Dave the locksmith

    Unusual camlock

    Aldridges AS10696 ?
  2. Dave the locksmith

    LOB Comfort

    Another Assa Abloy product, been getting a few of these i have had no luck finding blanks. A "nationwide" lock company has been fitting these as master suites on care homes and council properties.
  3. Dave the locksmith

    ultion blanks

    We take Ultion locks out now as soon as we can , the failure rate is so high i don't know how they keep selling the things.
  4. Dave the locksmith

    6 pin ASSA

    Silca ASS188 is the longer one your looking for i think
  5. Dave the locksmith

    6 pin ASSA

    AS-20D is JMA reference is the one rooman means
  6. The early Mul-t-lock machines could be purchased or leased from MTL depending on your stock holding / turnover. The new KC5 is also available as a lease machine or for outright purchase and they have come down in price.
  7. Dave the locksmith

    Motorcycle locksmith

    I know several spanish locksmiths on the southern costas and they are saying the same as here that the market is flooded with "locksmiths" and prices are being forced down. Wish you well though better than being stuck here in the winter cold.
  8. Dave the locksmith

    Another bloody Exodus key

    All other thule key series that i have come across have the same cuts regardless of the prefix.
  9. Dave the locksmith

    150mm spindles 7mm diameter

    SKS MPL682 ? but only 130mm usually long enough for most applications
  10. Dave the locksmith

    Fire king key

  11. Dave the locksmith

    New miracle A9 or second hand Silca 299

    Silca everytime
  12. Dave the locksmith

    Coming soon

    Owned by Theo Paphitis of Dragons Den fame. Got 94 stores goes up as high as Solihull. He also owns Ryman's so if it is a success they may end up there as well.
  13. Dave the locksmith

    Coming soon

    Coming soon to a Robert Dyas near you, automated key cutting 3 for £10
  14. Dave the locksmith

    Laser padlock key ID assistance

    It's a Eurospec lock, they don't sell or cant get the blanks, also re-badged and sold as Yale padlocks. They are either 3,4 or 5 cut internal, no codes available but can be copied on the Silca triax. Yale sell them with a key card similar to the Superior but when you contact them they cannot cut the keys.