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  1. Hi Ian.i have the earlier ad 900 key cloner.and have been told that it wont do the precoding on the mini 2007 I need the ad cyclone pro with software.thanks anyway.
  2. Hi I am looking to buy a AD900 pro with the precoding software for BMW fkat and VW. I need to precode a mini one slot key fob.
  3. Hi has anyone got TDB1000 for sale.thanks 07940528668
  4. Hi all.i have a mint condition mustang key machine for sale it's only cut about 12 keys from new. And condition is like new all tools and cutters and hand book.i want £800 for it no offers collection from Dorking Surrey or Londoni haven't posted a picture of it you can look on sks or nwkeys. Thanks
  5. Hi I have a x horse mini condor xc for sale £1500 collection only.
  6. Thanks Terry.the van is a 2003 citroen relay .the key machine puts out 230 watts. I have now bought a 1200 watt.thanks again for your advice.
  7. Hi all.whats the best size power invertor for key cutting machines on the van.
  8. Hi all.i need a measurement of the jaw calibration template.for calibrating the jaws I have just bought a bianchi 944 and template is missing also if its steel or brass so I can make one. Thanks
  9. Hi all.does anyone know the make of what the AA use for key programming MVP or?
  10. Hi Graham. It was a hu92 mini key I cut it and would not go into lock. I was thinking it was due to using 2.5 cutter and 2.5 tracer?
  11. Hi all.whats the best way to cut the laser car keys.should I use the 2mm cutter with the 2mm tracer or the 2.5 cutter with the 2.5 tracer.i seem to have a problem with using 2.5 cutter and tracer.thats on the rst mustang. Thanks
  12. Thanks Peter.i got the measurement off a A6 calibration bar and that's 10mm wide so its different on the A9 20mm quite a difference.thanks again
  13. Hi all.can somebody has a miracle A9 key cutting machine.could you let me have the measurements of the calibration bar.as my has been lost . Thanks Greg
  14. Hi chipz70.i have someone coming to view it on Friday.i will let you know if it's not sold. Greg
  15. Hi abars.it is a miracle A9 and is selling for £3000 very little used of you want more info look on hickleys or lockdecoders site.
  16. Hi Andy.i have a miracle A9 still for sale perfect for the van. Greg
  17. Hi Stephen.the A9 is still for sale.the person who was coming to see the A9 cancelled at the last minute. So if you are still interested let me know. Thanks Greg
  18. Hi stephen.the machine is in London.if you want to see a picture of it look on lockdecoders or hickleys it is in very good condition very little used bought in 2015.i also have someone coming to view it Saturday. Thanks greg
  19. Hi all. I have a miracle A9 for sale £3.000 very good condition it has not had been used much no extras just as it comes from new.i will put a donation to Jimmy's if sold on here. Thanks
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