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  1. Hi Ian.i have the earlier ad 900 key cloner.and have been told that it wont do the precoding on the mini 2007 I need the ad cyclone pro with software.thanks anyway.
  2. Hi I am looking to buy a AD900 pro with the precoding software for BMW fkat and VW. I need to precode a mini one slot key fob.
  3. Hi has anyone got TDB1000 for sale.thanks 07940528668
  4. Hi all.i have a mint condition mustang key machine for sale it's only cut about 12 keys from new. And condition is like new all tools and cutters and hand book.i want £800 for it no offers collection from Dorking Surrey or Londoni haven't posted a picture of it you can look on sks or nwkeys. Thanks
  5. Hi I have a x horse mini condor xc for sale £1500 collection only.
  6. Thanks Terry.the van is a 2003 citroen relay .the key machine puts out 230 watts. I have now bought a 1200 watt.thanks again for your advice.
  7. Hi all.whats the best size power invertor for key cutting machines on the van.
  8. Hi all.i need a measurement of the jaw calibration template.for calibrating the jaws I have just bought a bianchi 944 and template is missing also if its steel or brass so I can make one. Thanks
  9. Hi all.does anyone know the make of what the AA use for key programming MVP or?
  10. Hi Graham. It was a hu92 mini key I cut it and would not go into lock. I was thinking it was due to using 2.5 cutter and 2.5 tracer?
  11. Hi all.whats the best way to cut the laser car keys.should I use the 2mm cutter with the 2mm tracer or the 2.5 cutter with the 2.5 tracer.i seem to have a problem with using 2.5 cutter and tracer.thats on the rst mustang. Thanks
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