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  1. All sorted now folks, thank you!
  2. Flash, all I'm after really is a decently thick and fairly hard wearing rubber half sole and heel combination in either a brown or natural leather colour to go on a pair of tan boots I'm having made. The company, Wm. Lennon, use a brass screwed and stitched triple leather sole and have no problems with glueing on these type of rubber soles and heels unlike the Northampton crowd. They usually use black 345 half soles but thinner heels cut from sheeting. I'm a heavy chap at 20st and wear through heels fast plus I would like something closer to the colour of the tan uppers. I'm certainly no expert and could do with a bit of advice really. Thanks for replying, sir.
  3. A 4mm Topy Serac half sole in sepia or similar with matching Topy Topane heel would also be fine. I'd be very grateful indeed if someone could assist, please. Thanks
  4. Can any of ye goodly members supply me with a pair of either the Indiana 333 Montana or 345 half soles in the brown/sepia/moresco colour to suit a size 9 shoe, please? I can get black ones ok but not the brown. Thanks in advance, Graeme P.S. I'm just looking to buy one pair if possible.
  5. Hi, As mentioned in my intro post, I am having a pair of William Lennon 78PTC boots made. The soles are brass screwed and stitched triple leather and unlike some of the Goodyear-welted Northampton makers, Lennons have no problem using rubber sole tops on their leather sole with its thicker, tougher stitching and brass screws. Some of the sole rubber they use is a little thin for me as I'm 20 st and naturally hard on footwear in general. I have purchased 10mm studded Dainite heels and five pairs (min. quantity) of Indiana 333 Montana half soles from Leather and Grindery to send them which they are more than happy to fit. Did I do well or have I made a blunder? I fully realise that I should have joined here first then asked the question later but life often ends up arse for elbow, doesn't it? Having the five pairs doesn't bother me because if they're any good, they'll get used up over time. I suppose I can always return my order if the consensus points to an error on my part? Thanks in advance, folks.
  6. I agree that voters outside of Scotland should have a say in any potential breaking up of the Union but am also torn by thought that a country's people should be the ones to decide their own fate. Just for the record, I was born in Scotland of a Scottish father and a Mother who was born in England of an English father but Scottish mother and as lived all but two of her near 70 years in Scotland. I feel that I'm Scottish first and foremost but most definitely consider myself British and as has been said above, I genuinely feel we are stronger as a Union regardless of whatever blithering idiots are spouting forth in Westminster. Devolution has been great up to a point but I would hate to see a split caused by a scare-mongering, propagandist, separatist villain like Salmond. i utterly loathe drunken, fellow Scots giving me history lessons on 1314 and all that when I would argue that more recent conflicts like both World Wars and the Falklands show the true spirit of a united Great Britain. Additionally, the thought of having to use Euros instead of good old pounds and pence horrifies me, never mind what that has done to countries like Greece, Portugal and Eire. I also cannot understand the 'couldn't care less' apathy but that isn't a dig as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The above isn't meant to read like a rant and I apologise if it seems so. Graeme P.S. as an aside, are there any English folks amongst you that would like to see an independent England, looking after purely English interests without Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland involved at all?
  7. Well not really the wilderness: it's just that I'm not a shoe repairer but do love my shoes and boots so thought I'd register as this site is a mine of wonderful information. As an end-user of the products and services the bulk of ye gentlemen and ladies offer, I'm always keen to find out what are the best heel and sole combinations for hard wear as I'm 6' and around 20 st so you can imagine the torment my soles go through. I have a couple of pairs of Loake brogues (rubber soled), a vintage pair of Alfred Sargent brogues, a 2nd hand pair of Grenson 1/4 brogues (these latter two are leather soled) and should shortly be receiving a pair of heavy duty, brass screwed and stitched, triple leather soled William Lennon 78 PTC boots. Seems I've got a thing about brogues and it's becoming an addiction that I don't see improving over time. At risk of being sexist, I thought it was the ladies who were supposed to buy and collect shoes at an alarming rate? I don't imagine I'll be able to contribute much other than offer the occasional opinion based on my experiences of what soles I've had fitted and where. Hope you don't mind having me here. Thanks and best wishes, Graeme