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  1. Hi, is anyone able to supply the cuts for this. The futura isn't listing anything. HD LF40 fits. Pretty sure it's this key. https://www.replacementkeys.co.uk/ab-series-keys.html Thanks
  2. I really could do without the dirty nails. What do you guys do? I know many just accept they wont be gleaming, but for those who don't.... What works best? Gloves, cleaning??? Any recommendations?
  3. abababa

    Key id please

    HD keys fit better in these cylinders. I went on the rampage one day testing on numerous cylinders and universal keys and they are definitely smoother going in. So HD UL1 should do or use the slim keyline universal versions UN5S
  4. abababa

    Key ID

    One of the GL's should work. GL7. Might have to shorten it. It looks thicker but should work.
  5. Hi, does anyone recognise what blank I would use for this? I don't recall seeing a hafele with this profile... last pic is a comparison to show against a LS14. Thanks
  6. abababa

    Hafele drawer key

    Both YH3 and SZ4 worked. Just in case anyone comes across this one in the future, I filed them slightly thinner before i gave them to the customer to try.
  7. abababa

    Hafele drawer key

    Should have mentioned that on the original post. That's the one i tried. Didn't go into the lock...Ive cut a silca yh3 (which i know isnt the correct blank, but it doesn't look far off) but any other suggestions would be welcome. thanks
  8. abababa

    Kawasaki key ID

    think 3d have what you need - (logged in only) https://3dgroupuk.com/product/view/KAKC2G
  9. abababa

    Kawasaki key ID

    Could you bring the shoulders back on this one? https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/silca-3149-silca-kw16te-case-only-blank-to-suit-kawasaki.html
  10. abababa

    Kawasaki key ID

    KW14 (MH) ?
  11. Hi, I've searched through the previous WT threads on the forum but can't see this key. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  12. Very similar profile but the 'Z' profile is far larger. Cheers for the suggestion.
  13. I have not but i will. Hes bringing the lock in, so will have that one on the list to try. thanks
  14. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get these keys?For and office pedestal. Thanks
  15. abababa

    Pedestal key

    Thanks chaps
  16. Is that them? A bit dearer than the wholesalers - EBAY
  17. im guessing this? https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/3L-ECLIPSE-MORTICE-BLANK/P135200
  18. abababa


    What other blanks have you tried that fit in? The futura mentions LF2 and LF27 ( i know usually for garages) that have code series like yours
  19. Your decoding looks spot on to me. When the customer said it didn't work, did they clarify if it went fully into the lock? I've had a few of these that haven't fully gone in due to the way the snake cut is done on an automatic machine. Tracing the snake manually solved the issue.
  20. Hi, 1 - You posted in the key cutting thread. This isn't key cutting related. 2 - Feel free to update your original thread which is restored as many people contributed to it. This forum is about sharing information and helping others. Many have been following the journey of this product and all the details are on the original thread.
  21. Never heard of it before... Just found this... https://www.hygiene4less.co.uk/product/barrier-cream/ ""Dermaprotec Barrier Cream is an intensive skin protection cream that resists paint, resins, powders, tar, ink, oil, grease, dirt, & solvents." Think ill give this a try. Cheers Peter
  22. Haha...someones a little bit tetchy. Long day bud? Its just really hard to get all the dirt from the all the fingernails. For example, my middle finger is the problem at the moment. I'm holding it right up, in-front of the screen now. It's a pity you cant see it.
  23. I tried those when i first started. I felt you couldn't get the feel of the shoe when using the finisher, which led to mistakes. Maybe skin tight ones would work better.
  24. Going to try these - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-100Pcs-Disposable-Latex-Rubber-Finger-Cots-Sets-Fingertips-Protector-Gloves/293060981202?hash=item443bcbb1d2:g:CZEAAOSwBBRcvV8t
  25. I actually dread seeing someone carrying a big bag full of shoes through the door. I know 3 - 4 pairs of soles and heels will take me a couple of hours and there will be about 60 -70 quid in the till and my hands will be stinking afterwards. Where-as 6 yales and 6 chubbs and a few novelty keyrings will take less than 10 minutes, same profit and hands gleaming. But until the day when i don't rely on shoe repairs to top up profit when it's quiet otherwise, I'll keep doing them and keep moaning about my hands