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  1. I'm not a high roller but never seem to get any winners at Cheltenham. All my £2.50 e/w shots have so far come a cropper!! So i'm done with studying the form and am reevaluating my strategy. Bearing that in mind,with absolutely no other research, here is my locks /shoe repair related 25p e/w lucky 15 for today: 13.30 - Pic Oorhy 14.30 - Pingshou 15.50 - Birchdale 17.30 Early Doors
  2. If we as independents had a little bit of savvy, we would maybe start a shoe repair material consortium...
  3. The electric board have this lock installed at one of their sites and other than it is push button lock they are having trouble describing it. The key is similar to toy4r Silca and mit2r ( pictured) but it's not wide enough to create a stop at the shoulder. Any ideas? The original key has the plastic head. Many thanks
  4. abababa

    Key blank help

    You're right .04 mm ain't going to make much difference. I'll send it of to SKS technical. They sometimes have obscure keys. Cheers Graham
  5. abababa

    Key blank help

    Trying to get him to bring the lock in. I have no KYMCO in stock so i'll order some in anyway. They'll hopefully be useful down the line
  6. abababa

    Key blank help

    Thanks, will order some in and give it a go.
  7. abababa

    3D Group

    I placed my first order with the in August /September 2018 for maybe £250... Then they disabled my account in January 2019 because i logged in lots of times and didn't place any orders......im learning car keys so everytime see a topic, i logged in to research... No replies on emails when i ask them why... vague replies on facebook saying i logged in too many times without ordering... anyone else experienced the same? This seems pretty (word that rhymes with gritty) from them...
  8. I think you have to buy a ton of locks to get original keys. Are you using the Silca BRS1R on these? (or equivalent) You need to be using the BRS3R (or equivalent) for U13. I would try this first instead of investing thousands
  9. abababa

    3D Group

    I have no problem with them disabling my online account, as i did log in and do lot browsing and reading. Car keys represents less than 5 % of my business (diagnostic programming) so apart from my initial order for 2 hundred odds, i didn't buy anything over the last 6 months. When im getting residential keys from NW, shoe repair from Birch, its easy to tag a few MH keys, KEY DIY and cloning chips onto my order rather than spend a few hundred on car keys and nothing else. I do however have a problem of how they went about it. Communication is key in business and if they communicated the reason to me then i would have had no problem agreeing to a minimum order etc. Ignoring me when i asked them is the part that i found really poor. No email to tell me. No communication. I asked the question to their office via emails. No reply. The only response i could get was on Facebook which was intermittent. Anyway, they contacted me this morning on facebook after me contacting them again telling me its been reinstated.
  10. abababa

    hello everyone

    Id love more locksmith stuff to be shared on here. Welcome
  11. abababa

    Allgood security keys

    Unless it's fried and in a sandwich with a bit of tomato sauce, it's gonna be removed. Cheers
  12. abababa

    A new one on me.

    You should have up-sold them a pair of earplugs
  13. abababa


    I would try a TL6 or an AB17r (both silca refs)
  14. abababa

    Jma HOND-5I or Silca HON3R

    I have the reverse profile.. The only suppliers that i can see that have it are https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/HD12-HONDA-MOTORCYCLE-BLANKS/P128226 I think that's the one?
  15. I've been reading the threads on these and have cut hundreds on the futura over the last few years with very few returns but out of the last dozen, I've had 3 different returns because the key won't fully go in the lock...all relitivly new doors... I'm sure if it got in, it would work... All have been remedied by recutting the key and doing the snake cut manually. Those sharp points on the first cut must be catching before the last pin. Has anyone had any feedback from Silca on this? @Matt@Silca are you aware of this? Cheers P.s Futura key is the top one
  16. she hasn't came back yet... but I want to pay regardless so pm me or email me the price. Cheers
  17. Hi Technical Tony / Davenport, Ive been looking at your previous posts. You seem to be a member of Davenports? Your last posts on here were on October 2018 and your reply above is so generic, its unreal. If you want to provide people with technical support (as your username would suggest) may i suggest you frequent more regularly and actually try to help people rather than snowball generic replies, once in a blue moon.... to old threads; subtly pushing your products. I know they wont as they want to create an unbiased platform, but if i was the owner of this forum, i would ban you in a second for blatant advertising with no genuine intent to assist. Just my two cents...
  18. Hi, I ordered tw1 in for this key and the customer is saying it's going into the lock and not turning. Kw1 looks pretty close if not 100 percent. The machine is calibrated so I don't see what could be the issue. thanks. I see fastkeys have it listed so might try there if no luck.
  19. that's the cruise ship, "all you can drink" chardonnay talking
  20. Coming from Northern Ireland, can i ask who? Is he selling his business (and / or knowledge) ? Can he provide ongoing support or is he looking to have a clean break?
  21. Thanks for the reply. What card number is this? I can only see the (+) cards 3826 which relate to the dimple cuts and not the laser cut
  22. abababa

    Vauxhall key

    this any help? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UN1-VAUXHALL-Key-Blank-1970-1975-Cavalier-Chevette-Carlton-Viva-Victor-/263721796800
  23. Cheers. Doesn't look too different from the futura. Be interesting to try it
  24. abababa

    17th century chapel key

    If you did the side cuts and middle cut on the mortice machine, could you not clamp the key in a laser machine and do most of the rest? May wreck a cheap chinese cutter.. Never done it but just a thought...
  25. Hi, can anyone help with this key? It's for a forklift... Think I've found it on eBay but can't figure out the blank? Thanks https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Forklift-Key-Old-Style-Toyota-Forklift-trucks-fast-dispatch/152117221467?hash=item236ae4985b:g:3nEAAOSw4klbZgDD