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  1. I've been reading the threads on these and have cut hundreds on the futura over the last few years with very few returns but out of the last dozen, I've had 3 different returns because the key won't fully go in the lock...all relitivly new doors... I'm sure if it got in, it would work... All have been remedied by recutting the key and doing the snake cut manually. Those sharp points on the first cut must be catching before the last pin. Has anyone had any feedback from Silca on this? @Matt@Silca are you aware of this? Cheers P.s Futura key is the top one
  2. Cheers. Doesn't look too different from the futura. Be interesting to try it
  3. abababa

    17th century chapel key

    If you did the side cuts and middle cut on the mortice machine, could you not clamp the key in a laser machine and do most of the rest? May wreck a cheap chinese cutter.. Never done it but just a thought...
  4. Hi, can anyone help with this key? It's for a forklift... Think I've found it on eBay but can't figure out the blank? Thanks https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Forklift-Key-Old-Style-Toyota-Forklift-trucks-fast-dispatch/152117221467?hash=item236ae4985b:g:3nEAAOSw4klbZgDD
  5. I ordered in the BH4 but in the meantime cut TL2 and it did the job. Thanks all
  6. abababa

    futura tracers breaking

    Can't add much other than i've not broke a tracer in 2 years on the Pro. Is yours a pro or standard futura? Did you update software recently?
  7. I do have the Futura... and it is slow.... but personally id like to do it automatically on the furtua without any major problems...or at least have the option to do it without this issue.
  8. You're right but i can do other things while it's cutting so it's handy for me being by myself Graham. Would your triax have cut the tip of the key the same as the futura in the pic?
  9. People don't tend to worry about losing their keys until they're lost. Unless the company creates a unique gimmick of some sort to sign people up initially, I cant see it affecting business.
  10. Looking through the old stock I inherited, this profile doesn't seem dissimilar... Will do a few different ones and get some feedback on which one works.. thanks again
  11. Thanks chaps... I will have a look
  12. In my part of the country, these seem to be getting more popular.. Im reading about U11 and U12 on the prev post.... I have been cutting all Ultion on BRS3R's in the last wee while because i heard the BRS1R's can stick in the lock? I haven't had any returns so i assume all is well. Thing is Aldridge are out of BRS3R's for the last few months and Brisant don't reply to me when i contact them so i'm in limbo. Does BRS3R work in all U11 and U12 Ultion locks? (of the same profile) Are there any alternatives to the silca BRS3R? I see jma have https://www.sks.co.uk/jma-brisant-ultion-key-blank-u12 Is that the same as BRS3R? Thanks in advance
  13. cheers for the info.... i replaced the cam before your reply but how did you get the info? Is it freely available or not to be shared?
  14. Hi, Has anyone managed to work out the codes for these by any chance? YA4 is going in but ive been searching through the futura with no luck (code is 919) It's picked open already.
  15. Ive donated but the thought of doing that crossword fills me with dread. Im going to guess the message rhymes with Very Piss-miss
  16. Hi, I'm not sure if it's possible to make a key from code for this safe?.. tried a couple on the futura with no luck.. the barrel has 7 pins and I assume it's a ch9t fit. Thanks
  17. Been rubber malleting the hell out of it for 5 mins with no luck. I will return to try some more soon. Found this... If anyone can help piece the code series together give me a shout. Cheers https://www.yalestore.co.uk/replacement-safe-keys-j0xxxxx.html
  18. The keys are inside but ive never picked an tubular lock so im struggling. Do you know if there is any tricks to get this one open besides picking? Cheers
  19. You did your best...those 10 pints of stella didnt help ur efforts
  20. I had all the sizes and different brands but wanted to see his skills on the finishing machine to give me an idea of how his work (and standards) would be moving forward
  21. All those photos are examples of great work... Love the Samuel Windsors... On the flip side of the coin, I had a chap in looking for work who advised me he had worked for Mr minit for 14 years... Gave him some stilettos to heel and finish... This is what he came back with... Worrying thing was he didn't see any problems. He thought he did "an ok job"
  22. Hi, Im wondering does anyone know of a key that will do this shutter key? The one brought into me is Orion CRB63 - I found it on CB - https://www.charlesbirch.com/p-11894-silca-orion-crb63.aspx I tried a Silca IE9, but that didnt go in. Anyone know another key that will do this(without me ordering the CRB63's) or have a comparative Silca reference? Thanks
  23. Thanks for the replies but this customer wasn't to type of person who was happy going back and forth so I ordered some Orion ones of CB
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    Giving blokes a strip for a quid really is going above and beyond...
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    There's a good sideline. Get yourself a big jar of Nescafe and undercut the coffee shops!! **edit** damn!! just googled it... already been done https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186258-d15105421-Reviews-Cobblers_Coffee-Plymouth_Devon_England.html