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  1. Hi everyone! I'm on the look out for a manual heel attaching machine, I've recently launched my own company and I'm steadily setting up my workshop with all the tools & machines I need. My previous place of work has an old whitfield one which would be perfect for what I need. I'm also in need of a welt roller if anyone has one they'd be willing to sell...long shot I know. -al
  2. Thats very kind of you Lee thank you, I'm very privileged to have won it. We had an amazing time in Jacksonville, there are some seriously incredible craftsman & women over there!
  3. Thank you very much Keith. And thank you guys for your kind words. I hope you're all well.
  4. I know some impeccable craftsman who are entering too. People who have never entered before. should be a great comp!
  5. Well done on your achievments, I respect anyone who can compete on that level. I did a charity cycle ride last year to raise money for some kenyan children through my church, we rode 157miles I believe I'm relitively fit (I race motorcyles as a hobby) but that broke me lol. Well done
  6. Thank you very much. I was really proud to be part of such a prestigious competition, the craftsmanship on display from the others was incredible.
  7. I finished these for a customer the other day. What does everyone think? Hope you're all well.
  8. It was my first time visiting the show on Sunday! Had a great time meeting new people & looking at all the products & suppliers. I'll defo try and make it to another one. Great friendly atmosphere. Who else went to it?
  9. Hey everyone, how are you? I haven't spoken to anyone on here in a while, hope everyones been busy. I thought I'd post a recent repair I've done, I've got very limited experience of hand tooling designs around the sole, I've seen it done and thought I'd try it out, I decided to recreate a brogue pattern as my design, this particular customer didn't have these stitched so I thought they'd make a good canvas to give it a go. Hope you're all well by the way.
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