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  1. Any ideas for this. Apparently a bolt on a window. The last picture is next to a YA-27D (one if my first thoughts) to show the difference. fingers crossed. Mike Allen Vauxhall Station.
  2. Dreamt I was on “Dragon’s Den” last night. My business proposal was to open a watch repair/key cutting shop in a “ busy, commuter station”. All the Dragons quickly said “ I’m out”.
  3. Yep, see my mistake. Same head, but completely different profile. Thanks.
  4. Customer still hasn't come back. Also, separately, cut 3 of this, 2 on UL2R and one on CI-IL, for a regular customer, early last week. Asked for any feed back. He hasn't got back to me either. Mike.
  5. Can't wait to see if it's still "porno sexy" when my missus is wearing it. Lol.
  6. Decided to check out keys on aliexpress for myself. A very interesting search. Lol.
  7. Knew there was something about these keys, but couldn't find straightaway on the forum. So cut one on a UL2R, so looks like that's coming back. Lol. Mike.
  8. Luckily you found a perfect match for this one, but you mentioned your issues with post boxes. Here's a post I did that seems to have sorted it for me. I've screenshot, because it was the only way I could work out how to share my previous post. Mike.
  9. This is an enquiry for a friend in the Essex area. It's a strap for a gramophone case. Flat spring leather covered handle. Not within my skill set. How feasible is this? It really feels like a cobbler would need to see the case to do accurate measurements. If possible. Anyone in the Essex area interested? Mike.
  10. I'd always found jma only charge postage of a couple of pounds, if they stick under 20 keys in the post. Mike Allen
  11. I think you have to remove the stem, then you can remove the plastic cover. There should be a hole in the plastic cover to press and remove the stem. I say I think it's been a good few years. Mike.
  12. If it's a cheap thinner rip off of the kwikset, HD also do XGC001. Era a bit thinner.
  13. Does this mean there could be a supply issue with the kiwi instant wax shine range? Mike.
  14. Apologise and buy her some flowers, at some point itll be your fault.
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