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  1. Hi I'm looking for some advice on extraction for our Laser engraver. We have a filter system at the moment as its in our shop but it is very expensive to replace the filters. We're moving it to another larger unit which I can extract through the external wall. I was just wondering what system you guys and girls use? Sorry if this thread has been discussed before on here but couldn't find anything.
  2. No but I did speak with Trend, they seem to be very good. I firstly want to state I have no gripe with Glenway we have used them for 15 years and I honestly think their system will work for some. In my experience Glenway do sell direct to clubs, our local rugby club bring in boxes of trophies ordered direct from Glenway and we engrave them. This has happened for the last 2 or 3 seasons We have a LS100EX Laser engraver, an IS400 volume and a member of staff who does all the engraving. So it doesn't make any sense to have that investment sitting there and for Glenway to do the order and to send me credit on my account. I want a strictly wholesale only supplier with no website page on the front of the catalogue. I think this will be very popular with small one man shops with little or no investment in the machinery and staff and I wish Glenway all the best with this change in direction, but for us it will be Trend for the foreseeable future
  3. Hi all was wondering what you guys use for fixing brass plates to benches that can't be removed easily? Cant find any security screws made in brass. Up till now we've been using mirror type screws but a customer would like something a bit more secure Regards Phill
  4. prlocks

    house number sign

    Can't even get the stand up post for £1.50 Craig, where do you get them from?
  5. I stock BrisantE for standard fit, they are anti snap good quality can get them module and easy to key alike good value at around £8 I stock Ultion for high security besides all the obvious they also work hard on the Internet side of things I've picked up several jobs as a "nearest Ultion dealer" also links to our website, also easy to cut keys I stock EVVA eps as a patented profile for master suites and when customer wants restricted key duplication. We found when investing in a secure cylinder apart from being sold secure and all the rest, it needs to be dual core so no need to stock bass and nickel and snap secure on both sides, cuts down massively on stock. May also be worth giving Coddringtons a call they do a cylinder very similar but a bit cheaper, not used it myself so can't comment on reliability
  6. Hi is there any of you guys who can cut an interactive key from the card if so how much? Regards Phill
  7. Has anyone got one of these, if so are they any good?
  8. prlocks

    Gravograph software

    That's a great post Lock Stock, thanks very much for your time. It does seem very long winded as Craig said but it does work. Like everything changing software always makes doing some tasks longer and there are things that are quicker and better with Gravostyle. The automatic Z and the laser point and shoot are very handy. The main advantage of the IS 400 is the larger area it can engrave. We can now do larger brass and house signs, large salvers, those enormous rose bowls and cups etc. My frustration is still the fact that we were not told that this was not going to be the full software package when purchasing, which would have influenced our decision on which machine to purchase .