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  1. Thanks very much to David for helping me out. Will make a donation to charity.
  2. Hi David thank you for that. Can anyone supply?
  3. mathews

    ultion blanks

    Does anyone know what the bottom key, the one this is actually cut is called and if it is available. I hope this is not a thread jack but thought if I post here it may help others too.
  4. The KESO 2000 key I'm pretty sure I could use some tracers and cutters to do this on the Silca matrix but all I have is kaba2 blanks which are just a few mm short. As for the Evva key, I haven't a clue. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. mathews

    Key id please

    Weird. I keep seeing ERA ER1 keys genuine looking things but on a Yale 1A profile. Has anyone else seen these?
  6. A job with good potential available for experienced key cutter who also has more than basic experience with watches in Clapham. Shoe knowledge not required although basic knowledge would be a big plus. Anyone who wants to and will learn, PM me. Full or part time. PM me if you or anyone you know is potentially interested.
  7. mathews

    Sneakers ER

    A hard brush, good old fashion elbow grease, soap and water to rinse is all you need. There is not much need to purchase a machine to do this job unless you are lazy and really want a shaft rotating a hard nylon brush for you or fancy the dryer to speed up the drying process. The only thing that interests me is the chemicals that may be better used in the place of soap which is all I have used in the past and any specific paints and renovating products that can be used afterwards. Does anyone know a wholesaler who sells these products?
  8. Eagle? Let's see other side
  9. Fair enough. I didn't realise they were this difficult. Still though if anyone is selling... let me know
  10. Any one have a lead for me where I can get a few of these blanks from.
  11. mathews

    Stretcher parts

  12. I have these two old beauties and today I was cleaning them up and oiling them and as the old saying goes if you don't ask you don't get. For as long as I have had them, the black one does not have a wheel on one side. If by any chance someone has one from an old machine or have a machine that they broke the cast or something and want to sell complete let me know. Happy to send cash your way. I can of course still use it like this just want to bring it back to it's former glory