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  1. Shoe repairers with the shoe repairers Dry cleaners with the dry cleaners They been trying to chip away at us for years. Do we try it with them? No!
  2. Probably another dry cleaners trying to make a dollar of one of you lots back. If you want to make money from shoe repairs, learn it, invest in it, and set it up yourself I say. Shame to all the people doing contract work for other businesses at a pittance.
  3. Never ever ever! Never forget who your enemy is! They have been at the forefront of the demise of the independents. If they had it their way, you'd all pack it up. Saying it was them was just a joke by the way.
  4. Thanks mate, can't wait to pick this up and start working it.
  5. Potentially after a used one of these if any one is selling let me know.
  6. As stated after a Standard Puma contact wheel in any condition.
  7. mathews

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    He messaged me to say they are no longer available... What else can I say
  8. mathews

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    No longer available
  9. Oh I am not familiar with this heel I thought you were referring to another Benchmark heel. They do look crap though.
  10. I haven't, have you got a pic?
  11. mathews

    leather goods

    Same here. Retail is dead.
  12. mathews


    SW12 9DX We are opposite Clapham South underground station. Or Balham rail/underground station is a 10 min walk.
  13. mathews


    Lol. That was a good normal time back in the day for what I hear