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  1. Or under the bed sheets where nobody will see them and where they will last forever.
  2. mathews

    Key ID

    Thanks very much
  3. For a mobility scooter. Looked in all the books, haven't got a clue. Does anyone know?
  4. Send me some pictures and I may be able to help you.
  5. mathews

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Sign me up for first delivery.
  6. LOL hahaha. I wish I was advanced as you two. Mate, if you don't mind post me all the possible combinations and I am happy to give you double the money as customer is also happy to pay. If your only going to post one at a time instead of two then put a marker on them so I can let you know which one works for an additional copy.
  7. Unfortunately Graham's ones didn't work. Thought someone else may be able to help.
  8. Hi can anyone supply two of these cut from these pictures.
  9. I don't know what I'm after exactly to post a pic of it. Neither am I fussy, I'd just like one obsolete old school key for a yale cylinder and chubb deadlock which were around from before my day. Something which if a customer were to bring it in one of our shops these days it would be a rare site to see. And happy to pay for the ball ache if anyone is kind enough to help out.
  10. mathews

    Key ID

    Because when I had a look at the Silca image I thought that was the case and would post so for any clarity for future reference. But I stand corrected!
  11. An original old school Yale cylinder key and an old school original chubb key from times before the 3G114 and 3G110 blanks for a project I am working on, Doesn't matter if they are cut keys. Bit of a long shot for a bit of rubbish I know... but they say. One mans rubbish is another mans treasure. And we are all experts in accumulating rubbish in this trade. Regards, Mathew's
  12. mathews

    Key ID

    Thanks very much I have ordered the JMA VI7. The one Auto Key Wizard suggested doesn't look to be the one.
  13. Does anyone know what this is? Looked everywhere and I can't identify it.