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  1. Can you send some pics. Me and young cobbler might split this between us. 07956910966
  2. mathews

    Vintage Machinery

    Does that welt stitcher actually work still or was it before being displayed, bits to go with as well? Try the Wimbledon Sewing Machine Co and ask for the old boy the owner, he is a world famous sewing museum owner. Balham High Rd, Tooting Bec, London SW17 7RF
  3. mathews

    Vintage Machinery

    Have you got any pictures? I have someone in mind possibly but let's see them first.
  4. Hi all, I am considering getting into retailing locks. Which supplier/manufacturer of locks would you recommend who can supply a complete popular lock solution, if such a thing can be had, that can be hooked on the wall in nice packaging with a good profit margin.
  5. Has anyone got instructions or a manual for one of these they can kindly let me have a read of. Never used one before and would like to have a read, especially about the pressure handle for which I don't have a clue about.
  6. mathews

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    So why would you not sell me one last week when I came in as I was not MLA?
  7. mathews

    trading standards

    Every pair of shoes is priced accordingly to the condition, materials required, and the time involved to repair. Therefor it is not possible to display a price list. Tell them to stick it.
  8. Call me 07956910966. I got a local lead for you.
  9. Where you opening mate? Good luck with your new venture
  10. The ones I have allow for 5cm worth of keys once screwed in. They are very old though. As for the CB ones I can not comment.
  11. Cheers, looks like I got myself a new project to work on
  12. That is a fantastic idea. Thank you. What size gator grip did you find works best?
  13. I did think about this but was slightly worried about what state my thumbs will be in by the time I have screwed in 900 hooks lol
  14. Are Davenport's the only people making boards that fit into the 5 tier sliding display stand and the 4 board rotating one these days? I fancy some new plain ones to slot in and replace but I don't like how they only come in yellow now and hold 82 cylinder keys opposed to 99 on the old ones.