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  1. Hi i am interested in the copier ring 01462 436789

  2. Is anyone able to kindly supply keys to these locks?
  3. I love patching. First thing in the morning as elfman says. Then I throw it all to the side stitch it all the next morning. Wish I had lots to do like the good old days.
  4. Every day. Dropped one on the tile floor broke not long ago so sourced another.
  5. White dove soap bar only. Give then a very good soaking and lathering. Wash soap out. Leave to dry naturally and use a good cream polish.
  6. I'm sure most don't have any experience with these like myself but I have always been interested in having a machine like this. Any opinions?
  7. Using just the standard ERA blank to begin with.
  8. I cut the notch out the tip on the band scourer on these. Work perfect everytime.
  9. I have brand new one for sale. £300 Smart Card Deluxe that is.
  10. I have a very good condition Keyline Punto for sale if anyone is interested
  11. I put the original key in the lancer tibbe jaws and I think I'll be able to manage it. Originals are on order from Oxford
  12. I had a lot of these from a long time ago which I put under the insole of a repair job in the exact same way that a lot of the Northampton manufacturers do when making and repairing shoes themselves. Does anyone know where something similar can be obtained these days? The usual suppliers don't seem to have any.
  13. Apologies rapidlocks, post now amended to include the correct Martin!
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