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  1. mathews

    leather goods

    Same here. Retail is dead.
  2. mathews


    SW12 9DX We are opposite Clapham South underground station. Or Balham rail/underground station is a 10 min walk.
  3. mathews


    Lol. That was a good normal time back in the day for what I hear
  4. Rubbed with thinner. Primed with Gripsotite. Stuck with 396. Stuck quite well tbh. The key was leaving the primer and the glue lots and lots of time to dry out before heating activating the glue not too much, not too little. On plastic I think too much heat affects the bond much easier. Still on the look out for something quicker and stronger
  5. Solution 396 - Chelsea glue. Made by Caswell Good old stinking glue Made in England Very strong
  6. mathews

    Era 335B, but much taller bit.

    I've had a few of these to do recently. 7'' as well, same as the ERA but higher bit. I had to put them on a universal. No come backs.
  7. And that is exactly how I use it. I am old school like that lol. The thing that I find is that Gripsotite sticks to plastic very well but then the 396 glue doesn't stick to the primer all that well so unless you lightly roughen up the primer after with a bit of sandpaper it's all a bit useless unless you are doing heels or leather and resin soles stitched on to plastic then it will suffice.
  8. 396 is indeed heat activated. It bloody stinks and the fumes are immense but find me something that sticks rubber and leather better it's literally like shit to a blanket. I'll just try glue it with that unless anyone has any other solid suggestions from their experience I will order some new stuff and try. You would have thought that by now someone would have invented a contact adhesive that you can just plaster on plastic that sticks plastic like shit to a blanket too.
  9. I have Chelsea 396 from Caswell and their Gripsotite S10 primer. Bostik 50/50 and of course super glue by GP Atom. My adhesive knowledge doesn't stretch any further than that. Happy to be educated though.
  10. Nike trainers Rubber Cup Sole Plastic Uppers The original glue is something clear as pictured. Can anyone kindly advise as to how the hell I could get these to glue back?
  11. mathews


    This is exactly why my old man has always said he would like to pass the skills he's learnt and taught me onto another young man. So if anyone knows of a boy in SW London or can get there with ease who'd like to grasp at the opportunity to be trained by my Dad, the best skilled repairer out there (I am biased) with a job at the end of it please let us know.
  12. Does anyone know if these can these be baught?
  13. Or under the bed sheets where nobody will see them and where they will last forever.
  14. mathews

    Key ID

    Thanks very much