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  1. Brilliant company fast turn around & happy with the price will use again Many thanks James
  2. Hi Guys & Girls Who do you use for centres?
  3. Hi Guys could someone give me a price for an engraved brass plate black infill for a dentist please? 345 x 44mm
  4. Hi Guys Im going to expand my engraving side of the business by offering glass engraving I need a vinyl plotter cutter. Blast cabinet anything else I might need? Do any of you offer the same service? & your recommendations for the equipment I will need would much appreciated!
  5. I've been very busy & putting more hours in to try & keep up it's taking it's toll on me. Some would say a nice problem but I can't wait to finish for Christmas!!!
  6. Square card reader works through my moblie phone best thing I ever did no phone line. I now save around £58 per month & any telesales calls get blocked so I'm saving time answering the phone also!!
  7. I've been cutting keys for 25 years & some days I learn something new so good luck!!
  8. Laces???? Every customer that calls into the shop I need a pair of laces for my husband shoes! Ok what colour? are they flat? round? or cord? how many eyelets? Customer I don't know! Me neither ffs
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