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    Ok will do thank you very much !
  2. smokedog


    Has any one got a threading diagram for one of the old simplex out sole stichers ?
  3. ironplanet uk900 Have you never made a mistake lol ! Doubt you would have the balls to admit it. Sit behind your little desk and criticise were it's nice and safe Wish I lived near you, your competition would soon tell me the mistakes they have had to fix on your work. Can Guarantee it. Tell me this how many of you can say you have never had Customers in and you have had to correct work carried out by your local competition ?
  4. Good to see so many people coming back with there suggestions.I will pick up some off the products mentioned. It's all ways good to have tried and tested them for future purposes. I know isopropyl alcohol will take out a light mark of yankee wax if treated straight away. with out harming the shoe to much. Can all ways have a swig after lol I feel the same way Robin H, I use a motorcycle maintenance forum. Have a wee 125 for commuting and basically the guys with bigger bikes turn there noses up lol
  5. Thank you every one that Genuinely tried to offer some help or advice ! Which is what I thought this forum was about. Most of the ways that could actually help basically left the leather totally bare and in a uncared for state. Hopefully cream/polish will rectify it . Still it was good advice. Which is what I asked for ! Yes I did get it removed ! I could start another whole disagreement about the cost of jobs. What is the correct method. What is the most cost effected method. Then most importantly what the Customer is willing to pay for. Which in the North of Ireland equates to £16 to £18 for sole and heel combined replacement, apart from the capital centre. I have a funny feeling that at those prices there wont be too many offering to better my services. Any ways what really has disappointed me the most was when I came to this forum I came for inspiration ! Particularity from Lee but all I have got is criticism how people with more money to spend would do it. Doesn't really help to be honest. Having said that ! I do use some advice from here ! Ive only been doing this for over 1 year only want to learn
  6. Thank you Gsc. As I said plenty of people make mistakes, most wont have the balls to even Admit it. Used to work for a guy who blamed me for everything even on the days I wasnt even there lol plenty of those people about. Just curious Ironplanet seeing as your so smart what was my repair ? Had I even finished or started it before this happened ?
  7. Oh don't get me wrong . The customer came in last Friday and I offered to replace them, I explained what had happened. To which they explained that they were their favourite shoes and very comfortable. That is why i'm trying to correct it . Would have been easier in the long run to just replace them which they were not that keen on. At the end of the day every one makes mistakes. It's not the end of the world. Just trying to keep them happy.
  8. Here is a pic of my Mess. I am to late X minit uk. I wiped of the excess while it was still hot, which smeared it long ways. Tried some hot water which did remove a bit of it and all the polish around the toe area. Suppose i could try the steamer now.
  9. Ah right I see ! Some of of the old stuff is the best Elfman !! I have one of those hand held steamers. I'm thinking wax/grease needs heat to remove/melt it. It's worth a try Mr muscle is good stuff too lol. Like Lee said even if it removed the colour I could all ways polish them afterwards. Ill put up a pic . When it dropped on at first i managed to wipe of the excess on the surface. Te problem is what is left seems to be ingrained.
  10. Whats Gloflake ? Or were can I obtain some ? Cheers
  11. Basically a blob of melted yankee wax dripped on to the toe of a pair of light/medium tan shoes. Covers about a inch square. Can any one suggest a way to remove this ? Would saddle soap remove it ? Some one suggested using boiling water like when the army guys strip there boots bare of polish. Thought I might ask here before I try any thing
  12. Sorry yea there .095. I thought you could only get 3/8" in them. Will try to get some 101,s I see Birch have them in 1/2" will trim down nicely. Thank you
  13. Got in 2 pairs of F & F ladies Ankle boots.I think they there Tescos finest rubbish. Problem is they appear to use 99 pin pu tops but are larger than 3/8 which is the only size I have or can get . Also they are v shape instead of the standard u shape. Can any one tell me the best way to sort this problem out. Thanks in advance
  14. Thank you Lee will give it ago. Looks to be a lot more professional looking than some of the other methods used.