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  1. heliflyer61

    Window key assistance

    There are 3 keys for this lock all same profile just different cuts could well be a broken key in there
  2. heliflyer61

    Paxton fobs

    Or you could just buy them from Paxton
  3. heliflyer61

    squire do not copy

    As Graham says ring squire they will tell you who F31 belongs to. I’m F32 I thought all there keys came out with the Locksmiths name on them.
  4. heliflyer61

    Linde fork lift key id

    Thanks ,that’s the one I found but just need to find the series for 801 , 802 codes that uses this key cannot find it on instacode but it’s probably there somewhere cheers Ian
  5. Hi would anyone know what blank this might be or key series no is 801 many thanks
  6. Hi can anyone give me some idea if it’s possible to engrave a decent hip flask with someone’s family crest And rough cost cheers. Ian
  7. heliflyer61


    It have ordered from them before no problems,this time spoken too them twice in the month and we will get them out to you unfortunately they didn't after a month it's time to give up cheers ian
  8. heliflyer61


    Many thanks graham ordered Wednesday afternoon 5 ish received this morning great service by Graham . its a shame that not all members are as helpful and just take the money..
  9. heliflyer61


    Already sorted with graham cheers Already paid and ordered with someone else a month ago 2 phone calls still no keys
  10. Hi can some one other that 1st class keys cut me a couple of millenco keys to code thanks
  11. heliflyer61

    Photo me at Asda

    the range also have a key machine in store there all at it
  12. I have a mustang if you still need one bought from Davenports in January came wth quite a few blanks and cutters also bought. Brisant cutters I haven't even put the carriage on so it's never cut a key,bought for a progect then changed my mind,open to reasonable offers it's still under warranty cheers Ian Davenports price that i paid was 1195 + vat 1434 including idealy looking for offers over 1000 No Vat
  13. heliflyer61

    Key ID Please

    Have some that look similar type of locks on the tesco delivery vans silca SM1
  14. heliflyer61

    Yale superior cylinders

    I know what your saying I can do ultion,abs,federal,and multlock but he insists so far on these cylinders I'll keep working on him cheers ian
  15. Hi I have a customer who just moved and had a new door fitted it's got a Yale superior cyl on it so he now wants a couple more doors fitting with them keyed to his code does anyone on here pin up these cylinders thanks in advance Ian