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  1. Thank you so much. You are the best! Back to vectorizing.
  2. Something strange happened today and some items in my Config folder do not work. I am running Gravostyle 5200. I also have Graovstyle 5100. Would it work, if I was to replace the odd ones with the ones from the 5100. The highlighted files are the ones that changed. Noticeable changes: Uploaded graphics are now X. Rulers have vanished. Trying to fix both in Options under Display gives me the message about the Snap Distance needs to be an integer between 2 and 1000 but no number works to get out of there except cancel. Thank you.
  3. I have a client here in the US who is looking to order plates that he descirbes as 3D. He said he used to order them from a company in the UK called Makersmark and would like for us to take a look at their work. Of course, now, all you can find is Bourban for Maker's Mark when researching and my client informs me that he cannot find that company any more. Does anyone know of this company and what the client means by 3D plates?
  4. Question or questions for you all: We are in the market for a new laser. My boss is looking at getting a 75w Epilog. Can this machine run using GravoStyle 5? We have had nothing but trouble with GravoGraph customer service lately so we do not want to head in that direction. However, learning new software and converting our customer files during our busy time would not be a productive idea. Basically, can we get an Epilog in to use our current software until the summer slow period when we can convert to a new system?
  5. RhettaE

    wood engraving

    We do a lot of wooden coasters during the holiday season. They come out great. Our setting is close to what we use for acrylics for softwoods. For hardwoods we increase the power slightly.
  6. RhettaE

    Vw vector

    We had just the VW. I put it in the download logo area.
  7. Thank you for the advice. I will have to play around a bit then.
  8. There is one small problem with that: start up costs.
  9. RhettaE

    Vw vector

    I think I have one. I put it in download. It is what we call here the VW Bus (aka Hippie-mobile)
  10. We have never really had a need to engrave on rubber. I see there are some guide settings for this material but they all specify stamps. Apparently a client has a bunch of Rubber License Plate Frame that he would like us to engrave and my boss told him to drop one off so we can take a look. Translation: so I can take a look. Has anyone engraved on rubber other than the stamping kind? Are there safety concerns regarding the fumes? I saw one article in my research that said it is prone to catching on fire.
  11. 1 staff member could make the jump to Corel - Me. The rest might have serious issues. Until I came on board, they were sending out all their graphics to an outside service to make them usable. I have cut that outside service usage by 90%. My big concern is in the time management of this business, changing all the files over to a new system and teaching the other staff how to use a new system, would have a negative impact on the business. I still can't seem to get my co-worker to stop saving all her graphics she tries to do as 75 pixel resolution .tif files. Then she is stumped why my graphics engrave clear but hers engrave fuzzy.
  12. My boss is looking into buying a new laser. He has really fallen in love with the Epilog Fusion however he is not the one doing the actual engraving. He and the other boss are under the impression that our Gravostyle files and symbols will just open with any engraving software. This store has used GravoStyle software for at least 15 years so there are a ton of repeat customers who want their items to look exactly like they did the year before. My questions are: Can an Epilog Fusion run with GravoStyle7 which has the ability to open our current GravoStyle5 files? If not, is there software for the Epilog Fusion that is friendly to the people who only know GravoStyle? I know that teaching the change would fall to me. This worries me because one of my co-workers is extremely vocal when anything changes and really does not know her way with computers. I am also concerned with the time loss from jobs that this learning curve would create. My boss is about to head out to an Expo where he will be able to test many of the current products. I would like to send him with a list of what to truly check out for our store so we don't end up with incompatible software like we did last year because the salesman said that it would work. Basically I want to send him with knowledge. Both owners are going but neither really knows computers at all. I am thinking that maybe they should have had me go too.
  13. We had a customer bring us some exact replicas in to be mounted on wooden bases. He got them from China. One of our vendors does have them in as a resin sculpture but I do not know if they have a UK supplier: http://www.freemanproductsworldwide.com/ p. 429 of the Master Catalog
  14. RhettaE

    image required

    Do you still need this? I have a .bmp for this if it is still needed.
  15. RhettaE

    Tool Buttons Useless?

    She says: "Oh yeah, we are back in business." Thank you.