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  1. JMA YAMA-20D
  2. Rooman

    Key ID please

    It’s not an LF-12, the narrow channels are not directly above/below each other, they are offset.
  3. Hi key is for a motorbike apparently,
  4. Hi key is for a boat engine ignition - any help identify a blank greatly accepted
  5. Hi guys I'm trying to find a trimark key blank for an American vehicle, any ideas where I can obtain one Cheers
  6. Rooman

    Key Blank help

    I've got the customer coming back with the lock on Saturday, so will give it a try.
  7. Hi any suggestion as to what blank to use ? Cant find "Defiance" listed, in SKS or Silca catalogues / or online, the customers Key is bent but still works Many thanks Chris
  8. Rooman

    Key ID needed

    Oh yes thank you, found it. So before I beat myself with a branch, why would it not be shown in the L&F section in a certain key catalogue ?
  9. Hi Can anyone help ID this Key (its for a 1961 Morris Minor 1000), know its a Lowe and Fletcher, but cant find a blank for it. Any idea's what blank to use? Cheers Rooman
  10. Hi Dave You have a PM! Kind regards Chris
  11. Rooman

    Key Cut to code

    Craig, Cheers for your help !
  12. Hi guys Due to a broken key with a section being lost. Would it be possible for someone to cut to code a LF key (JMA blank LF 36) code is 96502. Many thanks Roo
  13. On the key is : Anker Multi AN03638 No other details
  14. From Bucharest in Roomania? Noooooo I'm from Essex mate A very fine county !