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  1. Old Ultion £12.50 , two for £21 three for £30
  2. HI can anyone help out either by supplying me with or pointing me in the right direction to obtain T-bars / screwed bars to fit a guess watch its blue but the customer is happy to blue or silver bars. the bar is 18mm Many thanks Chris
  3. Would anyone be able to cut to code three and post to me ?
  4. Hi Does anyone have 3 of the WXM blanks they could sell & send to me. Many thanks Chris - Rooman
  5. A long shot but would anyone have one of each (or equivalent) of the following key blanks JMA TRM-2D JMA TRM-8 many thanks
  6. Hi the key is for a cabin lock on a boat any idea as to what blank to use most greatly appreciate
  7. Cheers, the ASS118 is looking promising. Many thanks Roo
  8. Hi, I could do with some advise, I’m looking for a longer version (for a 6pin) of a JMA AS-20D profile, any ideas please Edit to add AS-20d
  9. It’s not an LF-12, the narrow channels are not directly above/below each other, they are offset.
  10. Hi key is for a motorbike apparently,
  11. Hi key is for a boat engine ignition - any help identify a blank greatly accepted
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