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  1. so i have a eta g10212 to replace.. to get the stem out of the old movement i had to take off the backplate and split it in half, now the hole on the new one that the arrow points to doesnt seem to do anything any ideas??
  2. were using it for cutting into brass and stainless steel etc, found the solution in the settings and turned speed up now happy days
  3. bought it off a guy down south hed only used it for pet tags and wasnt very knowledgable about the machine or software
  4. hi, iwe have a new magic-f30 machine just wondering if anyone else who has one might know how to speed it up as it took a hour and half to do 3 lines on a 4x2" brass?
  5. hi

    i do have it still its i will take picture of it for you  tomorrow

    1. marky11


      can u text me so i can send u a photo mate of tester




  6. i seem to remember there being a setting like that in the software for the 80 but cant find anything like it in the programme for this machine
  7. hi, hoping somebody here might be able to help me out, i have a mpx90 been working with it a few years now and just changed the diamond in one of the heads unfortunatly now im just getting deep lineswhen i try to engrave anything. tried my back up head and getting the same result with that
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