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  1. LKDIY

    Key ID

  2. LKDIY

    Key ID please

    Bottom one JMA HA-1I
  3. LKDIY

    Key ID help

    HD MR1 JMA MER-16D Silca MER1
  4. Hi, I would be interested as well and, like kobblers, I'm not a locksmith, but I do cut house keys and older car and motorbike keys. Every time I try to register I get a error message: " Please pick at least one locksmith service that you offer." even though I have both the house and car keycutting options ticked. Not sure what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. LKDIY

    Key ID Please

    Silca CB34R or JMA COR-35 for top one?