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  1. What does everyone do with all their rubber offcuts and dust? Just send it to landfill with the commercial waste or is there a good recycling option? I get at least a bin bag of pure rubber waste every week but can't find anywhere to get rid of it other than putting it in the bin - local tyre recyclers weren't interested.
  2. Believe me I'm always looking, a full size finisher is no use to me and finding a twin band scourer or really compact finisher second hand is nearly impossible.
  3. I have Standard and Whitfield machines too, but this was from a shop closing down and probably saved me least £7000 so life is rarely as simply as that.
  4. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement motor for a finisher, I can't find motors with twin output shafts anywhere, only the usual single shaft? It's for a small Chinese finisher i picked up second hand so not a UK company I can go back too. The current motor runs ok but is 4 pole and half the speed of my other machine with a 2 pole motor and is much slower use so I wanted to speed it up. Any advise appreciated.
  5. I'm still on the look out for another single phase twin band scourer, No18 or similar. I missed one selling here recently so thought I'd try a Wanted ad just in case. Thanks
  6. How simple (or difficult) is it to switch from 3 phase to single?
  7. sorry i should have said single phase in my post. I don't think the conversion is that simple and I'm on single.
  8. Hi, I saw you may have some machines for sale on one of the wanted threads. I don’t suppose you have a twin bandscourer you want rid of? I need a second in my shop but can’t find one anywhere (and can’t fit anything much bigger.) Thanks Torquil 

  9. I’m in need of a twin bandscourer/grinder, No.18 or similar or perhaps a really small finisher with two bands. The budget wont quite run to a reburbished one from Siserve at the moment - anyone got anything they want rid of? Unlikely I know but I thought I’d ask anyway. Thanks
  10. where did you get yours done autolock? was it a complete new wheel or just the felt changed to polymer? its your old band scourer and its seen 1500 pairs of shoes since it came here, still working perfectly.
  11. I've got a No.18 twin band scourer and really need a softer contact wheel for the 40mm band - does anyone know if I can get different hardness contact wheels for these these and what option might be available? Thanks
  12. mainly for marking out full rubber sheets which I pre-cut to the sizes I use, and for a marking my grinding lines on the existing soles and rand (I only repair/resole rock climbing shoes so its quite specific).
  13. Sharpie of course, why didn't I think of that... I see they do an oil based and a water based one in white - I'm guessing the oil based one stays on the best?
  14. Can anyone recommend a pen/pencil/etc that will mark rubber well, i.e. easy to see and doesn't wipe off too easily?
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