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  1. Problem solved thanks to Richard Smith of Oldways Engraving, (formally of Mastergraye ), spent about 30 mins., connected by Teamviewer and now everything working now, So if you need expert problem solving i would recommend Richard,he can be contacted on 07879 656428 or at oldwaysengraving.co.uk
  2. not sorted, even had Roland tech's working on the problem, at one point 2 of them, but no luck at all Thinking of connecting to a computer running with Dr.Engrave
  3. Trying to run EGX 400 through USB on windows 10 and unable to get anything to work despite downloading new driver, any suggestions
  4. I am looking to purchase a laser system with the capacity to cut powder coated steel, would have to be a large bed. unit (2.4 mts x 1.2 Mts) would assume has to be a fibre laser? Any thoughts?
  5. I supplied Masterrave with Corian blanks for a number of years, if anyone is unable to get this product please contact me on 07977361298, we can supply and shape any size up to 600 mm square (Calder Engraving)
  6. Anyone got experience in using Auto cad on a Roland EGX 400 find it very difficult to get everything lined up or is this design system too complicated? I am also planning to run a Universal Laser on the same system when its commissioned, any advice would be very welcome Peter
  7. Amari Plastics, Leeds Stock a very wide variety of all types of this product
  8. James 2 are Mastergrave, and one is Saw Master (just bought this one and will undergo overall shorty and i will keep this)
  9. Varga saws are very good, but very expensive, (new price £1800 ) I have 3 non varga saws, all in working order, can spare one if you want it, at £200 Phone Peter 07977361298
  10. I do at least 4/5 brass plaques a week, the majority for outside , and don't treat with anything, just recommend to the customer that they clean regularly with a polish called PEEK which works a treat.
  11. Rubbed the plate down with a heavy sandstone block, worked very well, only problem was that i had not gone deep enough with the engraving probably needed at least 6 mm, but, for a first attempt pretty successful Thanks to all for the advice.
  12. Spoke to a monumental mason, his suggestion was use plenty of paint fill the engraved area 3/4 times until full, dont worry about paint on the surface, when the paint is fully dry using either a piece of sandstone or an abradent pad rub down the whole plate until all surface paint is removed while keeping the area wet at all times. Paint applied today, rubbing down tomorrow. Let you know if it works, hope so have invested a full days work in it so far.
  13. Just in the middle of engraving a large 40 mm thick piece of sandstone, engraving seems to going ok but not having done this type of thing before concerned about how to paint fill, think i have got about 2 mm depth on engraving anyone got any advice?
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