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  1. simong

    Auto locksmith

    Hi i am back in Poole after 18 months off backing a shoe repairer shop with Avdi, mvp pro ,zed full true code key diy, triax on its way. gravograph is400 volume and glass engraving brother embroidery and still spending prices are very low down here due to the amount of locksmiths and Auto guys wish i was back in France and Spain
  2. Does any body no if Gravograph software willwork in Russian words
  3. THEY have problems with it , that s why it is not out and Jma shut down for August
  4. Hi got a email yesterday Peugeot and Citroen have been superseding parts from Eurocir to Delphi, which has meant that a selection of remotes that formerly worked on multiple vehicles in the past (i.e. PER25) will no longer work. CTR16 is one of the worst such situations we have encountered as the new Delphi remote does not work on any applications listed without changing the configuration of the BSI unit on the vehicle. This also means that if your customer requires a spare key, you will also have to replace their original key with a new CTR16 as changing the BSI configuration will remove the original remote which cannot then be reprogrammed. does this affect cloning .? so now have to buy dealer level diagnostics Peugeot planet is obselete is it Eurocir anybody no ? And to buy dealer level tools from ?
  5. I would think carefully on what you say about locksafe as u have not been round the block yet and will need his help at some time .
  6. simong

    Keyline Ninja vs Futura

    so you mean Futura or Vortex which would you pick ?
  7. Hi was wondering if zed bull / full products are going to run out with whats going on as cyrpto works went because they were told to do national service .
  8. simong

    Silca ID48

    Been told that zed full are working on it but is not finished yet ,
  9. simong

    Silca ID48

    post office is 2 doors away with one and Tescos across the road cheers
  10. simong

    Silca ID48

    Ok any suggestions in our shop and van we have gravagraph is400 voilume ,cyrstal galleries cabinet, keys jma trs5000 , zed full mvp pro some abrites ,truecode, key diy ,skp900 remote repairs hardo shoe repairer watch batteries pet discs, trophies, embroidery 2 machines, sublimation
  11. simong

    Silca ID48

    Graham is correct but this is what is happening and if you do not follow suit you get not work at all
  12. simong

    Silca ID48

    I agree this is desperate price In the Bournemouth area there is so many locksmith ,key cutters, engravers ,auto guys than any ware else in the country per square mile another eg medal, ribbon and engraving £1 diagnostic key £35 pound vauxhall ,basic cylinder keys £4 or 3 for a £10, shoe repairs are better and our overseas operation is a lot different
  13. simong

    Silca ID48

    shop down the road from us is £25
  14. zed full will do some there is not one machine that does all ,Abrites is the best for vag but is a load of cash and you need proper training with all of this that costs as much as some of the machines .And is ongoing . cloning is ok but when you come up against a diagnostic key you can not use it . .