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  1. The search function should be working correctly now. With regards to prices, we have had a slight increase on many on the locking and hardware products to coincide with our new catalogue but we hadn't had a price increase since March 2018 prior to that. In terms of the keys, we have removed the price break at 10+ on a lot of the popular cylinder keys but the key prices have actually gone down.
  2. SKS JMA UK Limited Statement We understand the frustrations that our customers are currently having with our website and the search facility. We are working tirelessly with all parties involved and now know that the issue is related to our software providers, recent upgrades and compatibility issues. As we now understand the issues, we also understand what is required to fix the problem. So we can assure all of our customers that the matter is being dealt with and the problem will be resolved as soon as possible. We would like to thank our customers for their patience and understanding at this time.
  3. SKS reference is KWL64. Pre-cut rather than blank though...
  4. Yes, there is an issue with the search function at the moment. We are aware of it and we are working to resolve it. If you know the code for the items you need, the easiest thing to do at the moment is use the Quickshop function.
  5. https://ecatalogo.jma.es/en/ This is a handy resource. We don't necessarily stock everything on there, but we can obviously get hold of all of it.
  6. It's not one we currently stock but now I know people want them I will get them ordered in. We have done our last JMA order for the year so will get them in January. I'll let you know on here once they're in.
  7. ALP-2 or ALP-2D often work for mobility scooters
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