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  1. nathandealey

    WT (Wangtong?) key

    Looks like JMA ATL-1
  2. nathandealey

    Any ideas

    JMA LAS-X?
  3. nathandealey

    Key id please mobility scooter

    How about JMA LAS-X?
  4. nathandealey

    Master 1 key id

    Looks like JMA ALF-10D.
  5. nathandealey

    Key ID please

    JMA LAS-TK looks close.
  6. Yes, these are suitable for Gatemate keys.
  7. nathandealey

    Sandleford Key

    JMA CIN-1 might do it also.
  8. nathandealey

    KEY ID Please

    Looks like a DOM profile. Possibly JMA DOM-13D, DOM-26D or DOM-37D?
  9. nathandealey

    Union SAH blanks

    Union still supply them but I believe it's about a 4-6 week lead time and you need a letter of authorisation from the customer. The restriction has expired on them now though so they're also fine to be made up on an Easy Entrie machine.
  10. nathandealey

    keys to code

    Sounds like Ronis. I'm not sure on the second one though, they only have 3 depths so the wafer numbers seem a bit strange.
  11. nathandealey


    It's not too bad actually, it takes you through most things step-by-step on screen. It's varies from vehicle to vehicle but between 5-35 for the programming and 10-15 for pin code retrieval. Also at the moment the machine comes with 100 tokens and 3 months unlimited use which can be activated whenever you like.
  12. nathandealey


    We had Hickleys here on monday giving a demo on the Zed Full and myself and my colleagues were impressed.
  13. nathandealey


    We've been supplying U-26D in place of UAPKB for quite a while now and I haven't had any customers report any problems. We also got some UAP cylinders in to test them before we started supplying them and again, didn't come across any problems.