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  1. Originally we were supplying blanks to people who bought the locks from us but Apecs asked us not to supply blanks anymore.
  2. We (SKS) can cut them to code if we are provided with a picture of the card but we are not allowed to sell the blanks.
  3. You can order them from Union but you would need the suite reference off the master key and a letter of authorisation.
  4. I think if you tip align it, it should work without having to shorten.
  5. Ye, I'll leave you to work out how to cut them! I have messaged you with the price @OS Keys
  6. JMA produce a range of them. I will find out the price today.
  7. MLM-5 (JMA) comes up on InstaCode and the cuts seem to match.
  8. Ye, that one will probably be better actually, the middle of the profile is a bit thinner.
  9. Could you maybe cut down something like a TP00YAMA-26D.P?
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