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  1. Hi, I currently have a 20 year old mastergrave universal machine and the z / x buttons have been playing up for a while, and now need to be replaced. anyone know if there available or how to get one ? basher
  2. thanks gray, i have private messaged you
  3. thanks for the replies, the only versions i can find are the free 30 day trials, anyone know if there is a full version download i have the dongle in the back of my pc to. been searching for ages and keep turning up blanks basher
  4. Hi im having issues with my machines and never had the original discs for either of the softwares that my pc's run. mainly need the very old sign one software that runs the mastergrave universal machine. any ideas how i can get it without paying a fortune thanks basher
  5. Hi does anybody have the Burma star logo ? been searching high and low and can't find workable copy Thanks Basherbill