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  1. chaps, I've finally inherited my Grandads watch that his parents gave to him on the eve he went off to war in 1939.... Now,i'm having a few problems with it,when it winds up(now I've loosened the spring)the second hand will go when its face down with the glass on the table,but when I turn it the correct way around it stops altogether/ anyone have any ideas on fixing it so I can get to wear it? cheers,Allan

    sks "twister" mortice machine

    yes they do,theres a slot for doing the flat style keys on the other side.
  3. Chaps, do any of you have the SKS "twister" mortice keymachine? I just got one & think the vice configuration is a bit crap where they hold either key.i'm not too sure where to hold them??the manual(4 page folded pamphett) only shows double bitted safe type keys being held so im not sure how to place either key for best cutting style? also the guide for the customers key splays out at the top meaning that you cant quite reach the bottom on longer bitted keys...(hopefully the added pics will explain better!!) hold the keys as pics 1 2 or 3? pic 4 shows the guide "splaying" out meaning you cant get to the bottom of the key properly pic 5 is the instructions with double bitted key
  4. certainly would mate!send me a pm if you could?
  5. Flash,i do a lot of repairs for re-enactment boots for WW1 so "a few" and various sizes mate?
  6. anyone have a suppliers for these type of toe plates? cheers guys, Allan
  7. if I don't get a sale then I may consider it mate.bare with it.
  8. Gravograph pantograph engraver with motor,several sets of letters(5) several jigs & a set of cones. all very good condition looking for £800 or offers collection from Worcester message for pics as inherited retardedness on dads side means that I cant figure out how to upload.... HUZZAH! it seemsi may now be the clevererest one in the family....
  9. just heard that SKS are now supplying at T's & Davenports are out.went into the local shop yesterday & they had just had all new SKS catalogues with orders to throw anything Davs away.
  10. chaps,have a mortice key for a rim lock stamped "D06",probably a cheap type, are these a series of pre-cuts like the Yale C series?