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  1. Over the last couple of weeks I have had numerous calls, texts and emails, as well as seeing comments on retail forums regarding welovetrophies.com. This is a site set up in all good faith solely as an aid to our customers in an ever-changing retail environment; at no point has it, or will it, be intended as a way for Glenway to sell direct to the end user. We are a company that has grown over the last 40 years to be the leading trophy wholesaler in the U.K. and we have not grown to that size without listening to what people say, and listen, we do. It is obvious that this site doesn’t suit everyone, although it does suit a lot of people, and, with this in mind, we feel that it is right that our customers have the choice of an alternative catalogue with no welovetrophies.com references. An alternative plain catalogue link has already been mailed. We will also not invest in Google Adwords or SEO as being on the front page of Google could be seen as being in competition with our own loyal customers. The welovetrophies.com website will still be up and running with Glenway finishing and despatching orders for the many people who want to use the service. We appreciate the concerns raised with regards to newcomers to the trade having an immediate website to compete and pledge that any new Glenway customers, regardless of trading time, will not be eligible to use the portal for 12 months. Finally, we are more than happy to sign a contract agreement with any customer who wishes to use the portal we have provided to the trade, to prove our commitment as a wholesaler, not a retailer, and to this end we have produced an 8 point ‘Our Promise to You’ document which emphasises these commitments. Best Wishes, Tim Wilford
  2. Hi Graham , Good points , I’m afraid I can’t help where you are based . But we look after our own customers & will include postcodes of our good regular customers . But if you market your code they will use it As soon as an order is placed you will get a confirmation , when the order is dispatched our commission will be added to your account . Glenway will be mentioned nowhere ... All Engraving is charged all prices are full retail less 2% discount ... you receive 30% of everything Bar carriage . I agree a lot of people will wait , and a lot of people will want to just buy as normal ..it gives you an added string to your bow. People often don’t like new ideas , people can be sceptical, that’s only natural . But just wait & see it will be good Enjoy your xmas talk in the new year
  3. Just reading some of your other gripes ( should come on here more often) don’t know if I’m allowed to put my phone number on here , but the office will give it you . I’ve been in the office all week & had no messages to call people !! So certainly not avoiding anyone . The querie withe Engraving plates in the box CRAZY !!! I’ll look into it when I get back !! Don’t think we’ve ever had so much publicity Have a good xmas & speak in the new year
  4. Good morning everyone . I tried to get on the forum the other day & couldn’t .so apologies there . I appreciate everyone’s opinions , but , when have Glenway ever done anything detrimental to the trophy trade ? We have been drop shipping for customers for many years . Has anyone ever ever heard even the tinyest whisper , that we have followed up anything direct ? No because we are a proper grown up company . Now we love trophies is an add on to any trophy retailer who wants to use it . You have probably heard of amazon ! Their biggest single selling to tag line is that you can have it delivered tommorow The whole world wants next day delivery. Now you can offer next day delivery , without having buy stock or invest in staff you now have an addition to your business, if you want . Your normal customers will come in your shop & you can sell to them as normal . This is business that would not have been possible before . Once the site starts & you see money going into your accounts , believe me your thoughts will change . If we wanted to go direct , why would we have paid THOUSANDS to create a site for you our customers to benefit from ? I know other wholesalers have been going around stirring things up . Possibly jealous the didn’t have the idea , but either way seems strange that something that has nothing do with them is so important. once again when your account starts getting money credited to it , who will you believe then. I think most of you have mobile feel free to give me a call anytime Cheers Tim
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    Hi Tim from Glenway here. We are always happy to talk carriage terms! We have 5 of our own vans out on the road 5 days a week , so you are possibly on or near a route any way .Please ask. The vast majority of our customers receive there catalogues when they place an order, or we collate with an order, so they travel free anyway. Apart from that I'm always on the end of a phone .. We pride ourselves in being market leaders, and are always happy to listen.
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    Good morning all, I've been reading your comments about our out of stock situation! Firstly apologies for not getting on quicker , but I had a few issues getting on. I can understand all your frustrations, because we feel the same . We at glenway want happy customers,it makes all our lives easy. We have had an amazing year sales wise & could nt have predicted how well certain new lines would sell. With product coming from china we have to order product 5 months before the brochure is launched. We don't have a crystal ball & can get quantities wrong both ways. As soon as we launched the book it was obvious that certain lines were going to go mad. We reordered vast quantities of these items in January ,which are now arriving .you will notice other than a couple of ranges anything that is un available , will be in stock imminently. If any one would like to come over at any time to glenway ,I'll personally give you a tour of all three of our locations, & show you our financial commitment to stock & service... Finally apologies, for the out of stocks we are currently arranging to bring larger quantities for 2013 , which we will receive in stock from August onwards. Remember you can call me any time , our staff will give you all my contact details Regards to all Tim