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  1. local authority/housing ass. put these into sheltered flats near me about 2 years ago,about 200 flats.
  2. Does any one know what a "boot and shoe hand" was?
  3. it still says on that link that hmrc will contact by mid july?
  4. has anyone had contact from HMRC about the final SEISS grant yet? gov website says they will contact mid july....
  5. wilco do a double thick tape at about £2 a roll.
  6. Cheers guys, I've tried a LF12 but it doesn't go in? It's a Kappa box set.
  7. Morning chaps Had a customer bring in a motor bike pannier without a key, I've found a key that will fit in, there's a number stamped on the lock(199) The key that fits is a JMA CSB2D Would it be possible to cut a key to this code, do you think it would work and can anyone do this for me please? I've posted a few pics of each... Cheers guys Allan
  8. thanks for the reply Paul,currently not using any machinery at the moment,thats why i'm looking for input/guidance ... i shall take your advice & contact Craig to see what he has to offer thanks again mate
  9. chaps, looking into engraving logos etc onto glass & bottles.....any suggestions for & against traditional engraving or laser? what type of machines would you recommend for either,ballpark prices for those machines? cheers guys, Al
  10. how strange this is...i cut a Silca ER1d,wrote the above...customer returned saying it would only go in half way!?? cut another on a silca from way back on the hook & that was ok??
  11. i had a problem with ERA 1d & 2d from SKS,(JMA?)they wouldnt fit into lock,seemed to be thicker,got some Silca from Birch & they were fine.
  12. OK, that's a bit of luck. For those of us who may have to apply via local councils, which grant did you get? At least then we be pointed in the right direction, if we can't get one we may be able to get another.
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