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  1. Our local councillor tried to get the highways dept just to postpone it for a couple of months but having none of it...we got it for 22 weeks.i took less than £30 today.
  2. on my first week of opening,the local highways dept chose to dig the roads and pavements up outside all the shops.Barriers up everywhere,roads closed & restricted access everywhere.
  3. cheers rmasters,i did see those on ebay,£2-40 a copy tho!!
  4. Any ideas on this key please chaps? I've looked at the Kwl37 but it's just a fraction longer. Cheers, Allan
  5. a pal of mine has had a video from James,saying looks like 1st june for opening.gone from taking a million £ a day down to 24k a day....
  6. what type of costs would this be please mate?
  7. chaps, do any of you cut the KABA dimple key blanks?what machines do you use & how much do you charge per key?i may have an ongoing order for many keys so trying to work out if better to buy a machine & if it would be cost effective cheers, Allan
  8. Hardware stores can stay open, according to wiki a hardware store has keys, locks, hinges.
  9. my mate who work in one of the worcester shops said T's are down 700K on the whole(up to yesterday)anyone who has joined within 12 weeks has been let go.
  10. any ideas on blanks for this key chaps?
  11. i had that using internet explorer,changed to chrome & it stays logged in ok.
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