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  1. I use Pinder for giftware (that's where Colledge buy from), Mr Fix It Wholesale, Joe Davies. There will be others that can recommend different suppliers but will depend on what you are looking for.
  2. I have a few in stock Gold, Silver, Black, Blue and Red. I don't sell a huge amount of lighters but sell more of these in the shop than Zippos. As Michael said try mrfixitwholesale.co.uk. Craig has a big range of star lighters at reasonable prices. If you are selling the engraving on top of the purchase price then it is a nice wee earner.
  3. Have you tried plastics online? Also the likes of Morplan, rhino mats etc all have different counter guards in stock.
  4. I've used KAS shopfitting in the past and Display Sense for cabinets.
  5. Applied for mine online. Should get an answer in 10 days. Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long.
  6. Hi I have 1 of these left in a box of old assa/ruko blanks. I can post this on to you if it's any use. Ian
  7. I've seen an increase in shoe repairs the last month or two but that is down to the nearest competitor closing and not corona virus.
  8. Agree with Lee there. Just purchased a universal 350 from Craig last week and he gave me a few pointers with the software I have been using for 5/6 years. Different ways of doing jobs and how to get the best from the machine and software. Give Craig a call if you want some advice.
  9. I did have a HPC LS6840 in my old shop. It was a good machine but the software was a bit of a let down which is probably why these machines are cheaper than gravograph and trotec. You do have UK support from these companies though and any consumables/parts will be available from both Boxford and HPC. I don't have space for a laser machine in my current shop, but if I was buying another laser I would maybe wait until Umarq are ready to launch their new laser range. Hearing that they may be running on Vistool which would be a bonus for all the u-marq users. Good software which would be easy to use. Ian
  10. I gave up trying to order from SKS on Monday. Search wasn't working as said above. Ended up ordering from Birch.
  11. Birch sell the LBS range so you may be better purchasing direct from LBS. Slightly better margins. The revolving display is a no brainer. You can purchase this fully stocked from LBS and it will include a mix of the budget and premium range in sizes ranging from 8mm - 26mm. I think when I purchased mine from LBS it was around the £7/800 mark. You will definteley make your money back on this. The sales team at LBS will be able to suggest the best sellers and sizes, and they will provide free posters etc.
  12. Hi Does anyone know where I can get these side shields from. Only really need 1 to replace the missing one on the shield. Cheers Ian
  13. Thanks very much guys. Will have a look at 1010security tomorrow. If no luck there I will give you a message on Monday Graham. Cheers Ian
  14. Hi Guys Anyone know where I would be able to get blanks for this safe key - Kromer Novum. Had a look at SKS and davenports but my customer's key does not have the half moon cut out of the bit. The outer gauge is 2 and pipe gauge is 8. Cheers Ian
  15. I use these blanks for the S-Tech keys.
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