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  1. Thanks very much guys. Will have a look at 1010security tomorrow. If no luck there I will give you a message on Monday Graham. Cheers Ian
  2. Hi Guys Anyone know where I would be able to get blanks for this safe key - Kromer Novum. Had a look at SKS and davenports but my customer's key does not have the half moon cut out of the bit. The outer gauge is 2 and pipe gauge is 8. Cheers Ian
  3. I use these blanks for the S-Tech keys.
  4. You can order the exact blank from SKS - KBAV1.
  5. I have a counter top display cabinet for sale if this is any use? https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-miscellaneous-goods/rotating-watch-strap-cabinet/1354489133 Ian
  6. Looks like a Cisa blank. Not sure the exact profile though.
  7. I am sure the last show in Edinburgh we had to sign in and were given a namebadge with business name etc. This time there was no sign in table so I was not sure exactly which room to go to or if it was even open. The show has been in Edinburgh 3 times now and each time there has been less and less suppliers attending. If they are to have another show in Scotland maybe somewhere more central like Lanarkshire or Stirling would be better. Or would attending the Scotland's Trade Fair at the SECC in Glasgow not be better with Cutting Edge having their own section? Only suggestions but I don't think another show in Edinburgh would be viable. Ian
  8. Hi John Good reliable machine. I have had mine for about 4 years now and never had any problems with it. Apart from cups that are too big to fit in. Mine has been a good sound investment and would recommend it. Ian
  9. I am same here. My patcher is in the garage at home as I don't have space for it in the shop. Most of my work now is engraving, keys and watch repairs. All the shoe repairs I get in are the crappy moulded soles/heels. I too would get rid of the finisher if I did not have to dismantle the rest of the shop.
  10. https://www.charlesbuyers.com/browse/c-WalkingSticksUmbrellas-5/c-CountrySticks-1916/
  11. Yes the RX machine can do rings, bracelets etc with the correct attachments. The RX machine is perfect for your needs.
  12. Flat bed will be used for engraving flat surfaces like nameplates etc. The RX5 will engrave cylindrical items (up to 50mm in diameter I think) as well as flat surfaces and curved surfaces. $300 for an RX5 is a bargain, a brand new machine is about £4k. I would imagine it had some kind of damage at that price or the dongle was missing .
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