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  1. Sorry sold this months ago.
  2. wellsy9

    jack russell pet discs

    T.Colledege do them I think Joe
  3. wellsy9

    FTH key id

    Cheers, I will have a look
  4. Hi Hope someone can help identify this key. Had a look through my books and can't find it. It is for an old post box. Cheers Ian
  5. wellsy9

    Pantograph trophy jigs

    Try Mastergrave: http://www.mastergrave.co.uk/catalogue/browse.php?product_Category_ID=62
  6. wellsy9

    Best key boards

    I have the black JMA boards and a few blank boards for my own set up like pre cut mortice, dimple keys etc.
  7. wellsy9

    Key ID please

    JMA UN-TF?
  8. Machine now sold elsewhere. Donation made to the forum charity. Ian
  9. Thanks I will check them out.
  10. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a supplier of engravable house shaped keyrings? Cheers Ian
  11. Stick your business card on them.
  12. wellsy9

    L4V van lock

    Ah, I knew I had seen a post about this key before. Cheers MarkD
  13. Hi What blank is used for these van locks? I was sure it was an ifam or iseo key. Any help would be much appreciated. Ian
  14. Forgot to add photos of machine.