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  1. wellsy9


    pExtra I am sure is Kaba or GeGe.
  2. wellsy9

    U-Marq GEM-CX5 Thoughts?

    Hi John Good reliable machine. I have had mine for about 4 years now and never had any problems with it. Apart from cups that are too big to fit in. Mine has been a good sound investment and would recommend it. Ian
  3. I am same here. My patcher is in the garage at home as I don't have space for it in the shop. Most of my work now is engraving, keys and watch repairs. All the shoe repairs I get in are the crappy moulded soles/heels. I too would get rid of the finisher if I did not have to dismantle the rest of the shop.
  4. https://www.charlesbuyers.com/browse/c-WalkingSticksUmbrellas-5/c-CountrySticks-1916/
  5. wellsy9

    Pet Tag Engraving Machine

    Yes the RX machine can do rings, bracelets etc with the correct attachments. The RX machine is perfect for your needs.
  6. wellsy9

    Pet Tag Engraving Machine

    Flat bed will be used for engraving flat surfaces like nameplates etc. The RX5 will engrave cylindrical items (up to 50mm in diameter I think) as well as flat surfaces and curved surfaces. $300 for an RX5 is a bargain, a brand new machine is about £4k. I would imagine it had some kind of damage at that price or the dongle was missing .
  7. wellsy9

    Pet Tag Engraving Machine

    The fx4 is a flat bed engraver I think. You probably could use that machine but the TX5 or RX5 machine would be better suited for pet tags.
  8. wellsy9

    Pet Tag Engraving Machine

    If you are going to be selling in volume then a computer engraver is the way to go. If you are only looking to test the idea and you are not wanting to spend a lot of money then a 2nd hand pantograph will do the job, it will take longer to set up and engrave with a pantograph. Have a look here for refurbished machines http://www.ronamachines.co.uk/ A small umarq gem RX5 or similar would be sufficient if you are only going to be engraving pet tags.
  9. wellsy9

    Key help

    Didn't even look at that to be honest
  10. wellsy9

    Key help

    Could it be a mul t lock garrison with the locksmiths own cap (similar to coined keys)?
  11. wellsy9


    Did Cutting Edge not do a national advertising campaign about 10 years ago? Can't remember the exact name of the campaign. but would something similar not work this time? The advertising could maybe be on social media (everyone is on facebook or twitter these days). Maybe have some kind of offer, where if customer likes or shares your facebook or twitter page they receive some kind of discount. But have the campaign spread over the country and involve Cutting Edge, SOMSR, suppliers etc. New products, services, etc.
  12. I have an RST MK2. Machine is about 5 years old and was purchased from SKS. Same machine as in the link below: https://www.sks.co.uk/rst-mk2-mortice-machine I am based in Glasgow so not sure if that is too far away for you. Looking for £450 Ian
  13. wellsy9

    Quiet today

    I charge for opening and closing watches too. They buy a card of batteries from Poundland then come in expecting you to open and put their cheap batteries in for nothing. Chase yourself pal.