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  1. I have an RST MK2. Machine is about 5 years old and was purchased from SKS. Same machine as in the link below: https://www.sks.co.uk/rst-mk2-mortice-machine I am based in Glasgow so not sure if that is too far away for you. Looking for £450 Ian
  2. wellsy9

    Quiet today

    I charge for opening and closing watches too. They buy a card of batteries from Poundland then come in expecting you to open and put their cheap batteries in for nothing. Chase yourself pal.
  3. wellsy9

    Trophy plates 100x20mm

    Sorted guys, cheers. Ordered some cut to size from Mastergrave.
  4. wellsy9

    Trophy plates 100x20mm

    I'll do that Gray cheers.
  5. Hi Does anyone know who may be able to supply trophy plates in gold 100x20mm. I need about 50 and can't see any that size in my usual suppliers. Cheers Ian
  6. wellsy9

    Cutting Edge

    PM's might not be working Robin. You may want to put an email address up for folk to contact you. Maybe the admin will confirm if the pm is up and running again or not.
  7. Sorry sold this months ago.
  8. wellsy9

    jack russell pet discs

    T.Colledege do them I think Joe
  9. wellsy9

    FTH key id

    Cheers, I will have a look
  10. Hi Hope someone can help identify this key. Had a look through my books and can't find it. It is for an old post box. Cheers Ian
  11. wellsy9

    Pantograph trophy jigs

    Try Mastergrave: http://www.mastergrave.co.uk/catalogue/browse.php?product_Category_ID=62
  12. wellsy9

    Best key boards

    I have the black JMA boards and a few blank boards for my own set up like pre cut mortice, dimple keys etc.
  13. wellsy9

    Key ID please

    JMA UN-TF?
  14. Machine now sold elsewhere. Donation made to the forum charity. Ian
  15. Thanks I will check them out.