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  1. have many shop closed in UK? our town is more or less shut here in Ireland
  2. and there in lies the reason were all in the mess we are in. so much nonsense being spun at present. EU not perfect by a long long way but its like being in a buying group, you get better deals and trade easier being in it.
  3. 19 or 21 needles no 35 in bobbin and 40 on top for the thread
  4. appreciate the replies, will check out recommendations today thanks kevin
  5. hi, we put an arrone lock similar to this one on an outside door, it didn't last long. there is a defibulator kept behind it so its essential it works first time everytime, what are the best options in a marine grade lock thanks kevin
  6. why do customers not like using contactless? So handy, I'm in Ireland and 90% of transaction under 30 euro are done that way
  7. have used HD ise 7 on shutter locks, profile looks simlar
  8. Hi, we would do a range of footwear, from safety boots, wellies casual shoes and do Loake also. by far and away the Loake stuff would be the slowest. every area is different but for us I would recommend safety boots before anything else
  9. Hi as per title, looking for a hpc Blitz to make a start with code cutting . would need to have the cards with it. Thanks Kevin
  10. Are bags still available for the wh&b 700 finisher, if so how much? thanks Kevin
  11. have done a couple now, first was 2 1/2 hours next was 1 1/2 hours. both worked no prob. keyline have said that they are working on the issue.
  12. hi, just got the xtreme kit, having a problem setting it up. i have registered and down loaded the keyline cloning tool but when i connect the 884 ultegra to computer the tool is not detecting it. any ideas where im going wrong?
  13. was just wondering if anyone on the forum has the keyline ninja? if so what do you think of it? is the keyline linger software any good? thanks kevin
  14. I have an 06 Passat and the remote on the first key stopped locking the car, started using the second remote and it seemed very weak too. changed the battery on both and made no difference. you have to stand beside the car for the remote to lock it. any ideas what the problem is?
  15. for shop based cloning, no hassle its hard to beat the 884. one head covers a lot and childs play to use
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