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  1. mind id go to Glasgow f-- in great town
  2. Tom D

    Shoe repairs in India

    best hope j t dosent see that pic , I can see it now the the low tech pod unit , no experience needed just a strong foot grip , just think of the profit margins
  3. Tom D

    Shoe repairs in India

    you should have introduced yourself when you visited my shop
  4. your right keith , however im sure if the cutting edge comitee had an answer to the low attendance, then they would do something , the biggest trouble with our lovley trade is apethey so in fairness we all have ourselves to blame, I could have attended the show , I did the last one had a great night , but this quarters rent was due plus id just returned from my holidays ,
  5. truth is the bigger you get the more complaints you get , I worked for them 25 ago relief manager for 2 yrs ( best days of my life ) some of the branches I visited there were folks who had worked there for years and still didn't have a clue don't think getting bigger has helped them , not that they care
  6. ive seen that video and am I alone in thinking the noise hes making sounds bloody scary, plus I was waiting for it to get wrapped around the brush
  7. Tom D

    Mate's rates

    get some better friends
  8. rub the edge with a candle
  9. ive got a morrisons on my doorstep they put one in the 1st one was like the one in the pick requiring an operator the new one they put in is stand alone , being honest nobody ever asked the price before m they all do now , I used to charge £4 for a cylinder and £ 5 for a mortice , I now charge 4.95 each or 3 for a tenner just like the machine , im about the same takings , mind it cuts a bigger range than I 1st thought ?
  10. 1st one I ever went too was gmex in Manchester think it was 1986 , my abiding memory of it was my brother , who has nothing to do with shoe repair came with me just to go to the bar, mind you he got bought a few beers off the reps and nearly bought a power unit on lease, yes its declined since then , remember back then there was no internet , so the only way you found out anything was from your rep, I think back to me starting my own shop 25yrs ago and how hard it was to find machinery, so how do you make it better , , more variety would be nice, a bit more socialsing would be nice ( I sometimes think that we as repairers simply don't talk enough to each other ,unlees its in a laptop, competitions have been mentioned the last uk one had a 1st prize of £1000 , don't think the us or german one does correct me if im wrong robin but someone said it attracted 16 entrys? so theres your answer you have to cure the appethey of the uk shoe repairer do that and you've solved the problem
  11. only said it looked fantastic on the web keith? compared to the last uk one bet it got more visitors than the uk one
  12. well said lee your spot on ive supported cutting edge shows for years ( mainly for a night out in a foreign town ) best of luck to anyone who wants to get involved, sorry to sound sarcastic but the last show got think it was just over 120 visitors & some of them were from the motorcycle museam , and id love to argue with you keith , but your right as well somsr lost touch with the grass roots years ago , basically £120 for a piece of paper, ive been in this trade for nearly 40yrs , and in that time ive always thought that the people who run it have nothing in common with those who are in it , that said theres a real sense of appethey amoungst repairers the german show looked fantastic (from what I saw on the web ) seemed to be a sense of enthusiasim , if I had an answer or an argument id give it , but I cant see the demand for another show after 2020
  13. Tom D

    pederson thor

    for a thor or 309 , yes I know they are both similar . so while we are on got one for a rapid e ?
  14. anyone got a manual for a Pederson thor or a 309
  15. Tom D


    understand a goodyear then you understand a rapid , it has a few quirks threads the same ( if you want to sell it pm me ) main difference with al pedersons is the don rachett on to the work like a goodyear