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  1. heard the other day that birch had paid off some of their reps as well also heard that dearest chris is opening up shops again ( lepards never change their spots do they)
  2. realy sad steve was one of my fave reps think i shall take my business else were get a better deal from colledges
  3. does a great job but shouldnt like for like now heres an opertunity for yankee cobblers order the soles
  4. any zip 35 yes key cuttings great profit , but in these troubled times you need every penny you can get i have the whole upstairs of my shop set up as a sewing room i start at 7,40 every morning , & do the patching. ive got a minimum charge of a fiver for any sewing jobs any patching a tenner, the days of doing shoe repairs all day have gone you have to take what you can when you can i put a zip in handbag got 35 quid i get 36 quid for a leather half sole and heel more profit in the bag?, she had been to 4 other repairers who said no , in fairness a sole and heel would have tak
  5. i bought a clase patcher last year best money i ever spent the 3 nearest independants dont do sewing ( heel bar boys) its money for old rope ive increased the range of thread colours i do got loads of different velcro patching leather buckles etc. theres huge proffit in shite
  6. have they stopped paying bonus ? ive had loads of keys and watches that one of their knumptys says he cant do or you have to leave a sekonda watch overnight strange
  7. mmm firstly i wouldnt like it ive got a morrisons on my doorstep put in the key machine , i noticed customers asked the price ( never did before ) ive been back for 4 weeks now & being honest im fighting for every penny , but i think hey ive got hands , a blake 3 outsolers , i can hand sew fit zips . do shanks welt ffs ive done this too long , and guess what . id like too say im busy , but im making money rom shite that the heel bar boys ( ive got 3 near too me ) cant do more profit in shite
  8. i always think if the fella who makes the bags they come in made the shoes then they might get somewere
  9. hes got hands passion hes young ( im not ) nobody ever got anywere working for timpsons , dennis whitworth said to me 26yrs ago he was right so help him be nice
  10. dont think your doing too bad keep it up 1st time i saw an outsoler i very nearly shit myself
  11. perhaps cut the kid some slack he should be encouraged . ffs he works for timpsons hes good for his years when i was a relief for them i worked with people who had been there 30 odd yrs and still didnt have a clue? , so he looks a bit sheepish on an outsoler , recon i do , and ive been using one for 39yrs, at least he shows his repairs through facebook , how many on here do? hes the future of this business just saying
  12. asking for a friend anyone got one for sale ?
  13. theres 2 on ebay a very sad lookin k &b and a nice lookin standard recon
  14. check your fuse box sounds daft but I once had a loose fuse so instead of 3 phase electric I got 2 , you can get 1 dodgy motor but not 3
  15. david is a great bloke and a good friend of mine he was at my shop last week , my old boss ( timpsons 1986) used to throw a dickie fit if I didn't have rolled up sleeves , looking back he was right , just shows what doctors can do these days
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