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  1. only said it looked fantastic on the web keith? compared to the last uk one bet it got more visitors than the uk one
  2. well said lee your spot on ive supported cutting edge shows for years ( mainly for a night out in a foreign town ) best of luck to anyone who wants to get involved, sorry to sound sarcastic but the last show got think it was just over 120 visitors & some of them were from the motorcycle museam , and id love to argue with you keith , but your right as well somsr lost touch with the grass roots years ago , basically £120 for a piece of paper, ive been in this trade for nearly 40yrs , and in that time ive always thought that the people who run it have nothing in common with those who are in it , that said theres a real sense of appethey amoungst repairers the german show looked fantastic (from what I saw on the web ) seemed to be a sense of enthusiasim , if I had an answer or an argument id give it , but I cant see the demand for another show after 2020
  3. Tom D

    pederson thor

    for a thor or 309 , yes I know they are both similar . so while we are on got one for a rapid e ?
  4. anyone got a manual for a Pederson thor or a 309
  5. Tom D


    understand a goodyear then you understand a rapid , it has a few quirks threads the same ( if you want to sell it pm me ) main difference with al pedersons is the don rachett on to the work like a goodyear
  6. cassali sold as benchmark by healys and colledge soles are great for those clarkes tpr shoes never a fan of the heel though
  7. ever seen the adam sandler film he asks dustin Hoffman " who are our enemys" " dry cleaners " dustin replys
  8. I got approached by a dry cleaners , I just didn't like him, turned out he was a professional asset stripper , with a history of buying busineses , taking what he could and sacking the staff by text, im pleased I went with my institnct just beware
  9. me too mind if jt buys birch then the service might improve
  10. same thing was said about birch buying out independants , chrises argument was if he didn't then jt would . of course on the other hand if you sell x number of soles heels etc you don't have to be a genius to work out how much they take every week
  11. Tom D

    Quiet today

    in all fairness ive just picked up my car having a puncture fixed , the garage owner was saying exactly the same thing, so its not just us cobblers ,im reminded of what my old area manager at mister minit used to say " if we are quiet then so is the competition", recon he was right, bills are paid there a bit beer money left over , don't ever expect to be a milionare in this business
  12. Tom D

    Quiet today

    I like that very much
  13. Tom D

    Quiet today

    its great when you get a tightwad in and all the machines are running ( you can just turn around and carry on) but I do agree this time of year brings out the worst customers