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  1. whb 200 had one for 12yrs , not even bought new repainted and checked over 1 bearing . new set of filters and a switch in all that time
  2. my lord do they still make s10 primer or is it an antique tin and do you have a brush nailed through the lid
  3. Tom D


    was it not srita ? just sayin saw a couple of pamplets from them years ago , in fairness I learnt to rewelt by reading one , said it took half an hour ., liers
  4. seal the engraved wood with clear laqcour before you paint it prevents bllding into the grain
  5. an uneconomical repair how many times in a day do we hear " how much I didn't pay that much ( for my cheap shitty shit ) every day , yesterday I had one ( a mouthy sort we all know the kind ) so I replied " listen in all the years ive done this cheap crap always was and is cheap crap, however good stuff, I show him a pair of trickers & tell him how much they cost are very economical to repair sir you should get a pair ive got several
  6. in a lot of ways we are unpaid social workers , how many of us have been asked to check out torches toasters tv remotes. in fairness we are the last business left on the high st were the customer reacts with the person doing the job
  7. hes not the full shilling ( we all get them ) , last week " you did this battery 6months ago its loosing half an hour ", we guarantee them for 2yrs as long as you have the receipt , he dosent , so out of the kindness of my heart I say il change it , he hands over this old Seiko filthy so I change it give it back and tell him listen this watch is old and dirty inside how long have you had it and have you ever had it cleaned . I got it in 1979 he says and its only ever needed battries , so I tell him if you bought a ford escort in 1979 never serviced it what state would it be in now
  8. Tom D


    cant see what the pair of them can offer small business, in fairness they are only out to feather their own nests and boot their egos , all this do-gooding is nothing but a smokescreen, the pair of them are hard nosed bstards
  9. Tom D


    at the end of the day hes in it to make money ( not friends ) notice how he operates , hes recruiting barbers . years ago he recrcuited locksmiths and engravers , he learns from them . then takes the simple stuff and trains his numptys ( no offence to presently serving timpsonians ) to do it , like ive always said " like mcdonalds one on every corner ", hes not daft those pods will do ok . look at me and many of you we work 6 days a week whens the only day you can get a haircut? just sayin
  10. Tom D


    I had heard he was moving into hairdressing bet vidal sasoons shitting himself
  11. Tom D


    i had one on a Saturday morning I was cutting him keys he saw a packet of rennies behind my counter " can I have one im feeling a bit rough ?". "no bother you can have a strip , you don't get sevice like that at timpsons do you " I replied , he left a quid in my tip jar
  12. Tom D


    mcewans champion ale one only though its 7,3 abv (like scotch ale on steroids ) then lager finishing with a straight rum ( ive got a bottle af Alnwick rum for christmas
  13. not far wrong about that Manchester show , the highlight was the car show
  14. in my own little mind I think mr james is on a mission to smother the independants , despite the outward veneer of " im just the same as you fellas " ,truth of it is they are like mcdonalds soon there will be one one every corner, I get stuff brought in to me and I often say who did these ? the customer replies timpsons coz they were handy my advice show the customer your passion for the job , polish every pair not with the silicone sponge , use a tin of neutral sparingly , finish with a microfibre cloth ( you can also up your polish sales this way touch up any marks , marks on nude patent can be removed with a bit of meths on a cloth, always try to leave them with a smile & an empty purse
  15. got to agree with lee about somsr, buy theres a general appethey in this trade , ive always supported the show ( love a night out in a strange town, and theres a great indian in Solihull) . use it or loose it, in fairness phill binns told ne he did more business at a regional show in the north east than at the last cutting edge