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  1. Tom D

    Quiet today

    in all fairness ive just picked up my car having a puncture fixed , the garage owner was saying exactly the same thing, so its not just us cobblers ,im reminded of what my old area manager at mister minit used to say " if we are quiet then so is the competition", recon he was right, bills are paid there a bit beer money left over , don't ever expect to be a milionare in this business
  2. Tom D

    Quiet today

    I like that very much
  3. Tom D

    Quiet today

    its great when you get a tightwad in and all the machines are running ( you can just turn around and carry on) but I do agree this time of year brings out the worst customers
  4. ive never had a hardo im a fimac man mine takes any old polyester thread that the outsoler dosent like
  5. the old chestnut with shoe repair ( or any other repair) is yes it can be fixed but its not an economical repair unless you really love them ?
  6. Tom D

    Ebay sometimes staggers

    mind before you slag off that 309 remember its got a new drive belt , now on a serious note I bought a set of electric pliers off e bay from an e bay seller well happy with them , now I have a friend who paid far too much for 2 stitchers a vintage victor & a chain stitch buyer beware is right
  7. Tom D

    Ebay sometimes staggers

    I had one for 20yrs if id had a swear box , recon I would have had the money for a new one, last one I bought was years ago from tim healy paid 50 if you want a good ebay laught there was a rather nice clean looking 8500 finisher for £1500
  8. Tom D

    leather goods

    I used to go to cheetam hill in Manchester , bags wallets purses etc , used to make "beer money from it" but it just fell away
  9. whb 200 had one for 12yrs , not even bought new repainted and checked over 1 bearing . new set of filters and a switch in all that time
  10. my lord do they still make s10 primer or is it an antique tin and do you have a brush nailed through the lid
  11. Tom D


    was it not srita ? just sayin saw a couple of pamplets from them years ago , in fairness I learnt to rewelt by reading one , said it took half an hour ., liers
  12. seal the engraved wood with clear laqcour before you paint it prevents bllding into the grain
  13. an uneconomical repair how many times in a day do we hear " how much I didn't pay that much ( for my cheap shitty shit ) every day , yesterday I had one ( a mouthy sort we all know the kind ) so I replied " listen in all the years ive done this cheap crap always was and is cheap crap, however good stuff, I show him a pair of trickers & tell him how much they cost are very economical to repair sir you should get a pair ive got several
  14. in a lot of ways we are unpaid social workers , how many of us have been asked to check out torches toasters tv remotes. in fairness we are the last business left on the high st were the customer reacts with the person doing the job
  15. hes not the full shilling ( we all get them ) , last week " you did this battery 6months ago its loosing half an hour ", we guarantee them for 2yrs as long as you have the receipt , he dosent , so out of the kindness of my heart I say il change it , he hands over this old Seiko filthy so I change it give it back and tell him listen this watch is old and dirty inside how long have you had it and have you ever had it cleaned . I got it in 1979 he says and its only ever needed battries , so I tell him if you bought a ford escort in 1979 never serviced it what state would it be in now