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  1. Andy G7

    mvp pro

    You can indeed make money from it. Sadly most look to £20-30 profit these days. I don't get it? Don't people like money?.........
  2. Had a few like this. They seem to be the smaller sized euros though we have found. Did point this out at the lockex to Aldridge but.............
  3. Miracle A5 for sale, good condition. Not upgraded. Collection only, North West. £1200 Thanks
  4. I have a Zedfull with basic pack, I think it has fiat emulator pack too, not currently being used. It has 60 tokens left. Good condition. £2000 ono Thank you
  5. I seem to remember a post about being able to get hold of these slightly cheaper somewhere? I have searched on the forum but cant find that specific post. Anyone care to enlighten me please? Thank you.
  6. I like this and fully understand but, if they were to have a blow out on that tyre? Where does the fault lie? Shitty tyre or poor fitting? I had a firm do 4 tyres on my drive and all failed..... their view was corrosion on my alloys. Took it to my usual place (learnt my lesson) and they stated the rims were not cleaned up good enough to accept a new tyre correctly. They cleaned them up and nor problem what so ever afterwards. I am swayed looking at the £ side of this to offer cutting again but still, wary of them jamming keys in ignitions as I mentioned above. No good with customers coming in with a war going on inside? I'm surprised more have not had this?
  7. But there lies the problem. If you cut a key of theirs, and they cock the ignition up then no matter of they forced it, you told them no guarantee they will be straight in gobbing off and threatening. We had one in before after Timpsons cut a SAAB, and after trying it were stuck, ignition would not turn. They wanted us to write a report about the cutting of they key etc, to take it further with T's. We declined, obviously don't know the full story and don't want to be involve in anything like this. I did a 2008 Mondeo remote key a few months back and the customer pulls out his ebay key, can you do this also? Coded remote fine, cut mine fine, cut his..... sounded a lot harder. Went to code the keys, ours in and out ignition fine but his would go in 1/4 of the way and jam. So if this is outside our shop, and numpty customer forces they key in and damaged the wafers, he aint going away quickly and certainly not quietly. We have seen this a number of times now and is why we finished cutting ebay keys. Also you are most likely cutting the customers key, who then goes to a beer money £15 ebay special software to get the key coded.... So you are helping the sod who is under cutting you, not invested like you have and taking the risk of cutting the crap key?? They will send "their" customer to you, for you to cut it and do you out of the "proper job" We had this numerous times. Garages who we used to do work for using there own recently purchased software but want us to cut the keys and sell the key cheaper? I did have the outlook of £15 for cutting is better with us... but don't see many positives for the potential fall out, and helping others to avoid using us for a full service.
  8. Ok so nobody can see this below the post count but me? Address 1:. Town / City:. Postcode:. Telephone Number:. Your Name:.
  9. Any idea why I cannot save my profile data without giving all data, such as address, phone number etc that I do not wish to be displayed?
  10. Andy G7

    Silca ID48

    Ive had it state incompatible chip? But it has written fine when I checked the id with other cloners and obviously with the vehicle.
  11. Andy G7

    Silca ID48

    That's what I mean, I feel for those of you that has competition that do not value the investment, and are happy to make lower profit compared to what the dealers charge.
  12. Andy G7

    Silca ID48

    We charge £60 to clone anything other than ID33, them they can have at £30. VW charge £130 for a standard transponder key non-remote. So why do the key for £30-40? I know some will have to compete with lower prices due to the competition in your area, but I still don't understand people or business's that don't want to make money? By this I am not saying "YOU" personally but maybe your competition thats driving the price down in your area for you.
  13. Andy G7

    Silca ID48

    We charge £60 for anything other than a T5 which is £30, shop based. £80 if called out at the least.