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  1. It's just removing and cleaning, I was looking at charging £10 thanks.
  2. Yes thats what I meant bracelet, just wanted to see what I should be charging thanks.
  3. How much would you charge to clean a watch strap using ultrasonic cleaner.?
  4. Yes I have the case just could not find the right blade with the groove down the side
  5. Looking for replacement remote and blade any ideas where I can get this? Thanks
  6. The dye from the uppers looks to have run onto the white midsole, any ideas on how to remove this stain? thanks
  7. I repaired some ladies shoes for Peaky Blinders about a month ago, filming in Manchester.
  8. Renia colle de cologne, and Renia syntic total. I find this the best and not as many harmful toxins compared to other brands.
  9. Spin the jaws round to B - C and clamp the key on the bottom groove, it will then allow you to cut deeper using this machine.
  10. Please could you help identify this dimple key blank thanks.
  11. Hi Graham this is the only key they have, can i still make a copy from this this key thanks.
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