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  1. Yes the date wheel is black rather than the white ones that are available to buy. Upon closer inspection the original movement has a slightly higher hand height too so i guess this is what you're talking about here Lee.
  2. ok found one to fit in a assorted box of old hands but no idea what size it is! I also found that a 0.21 hand fitted onto the old movement but still was too small for the new one! Bizarre!!
  3. Hi all, hope somebody can shed some light on this! Have just replaced the movement in a Gucci watch, ETA F06.111 like for like. All ok except the Gucci second hand doesn't fit, its too small. it should be a 0.20 fitting and i've loads of generic ones that size but none fit nor does a 0.21 and a 0.25 is too large. I have spoken to Gleave and co. who i got the movement from and they have no idea. Anybody have any idea or experienced this, its a bit annoying! Thanks!
  4. Thanks Lee, appreciate the advice. Half the problem is her nails, she needs to lose them!
  5. Hi all, anybody have any experience with one of these? Got a member of staff who struggles with the really tight case backs and wondered if this would be any use? Any input before i spend 50 odd quid on it would be much appreciated!
  6. You can get non OEM replacement bracelets on ebay, search with the case number...
  7. Thanks everybody, have got my jeweller to have a look, hopefully he can sort it!
  8. Hi all, does anybody know of anywhere that will polish engraving out of a pewter christening tankard? Thanks in advance!
  9. I am looking for an experienced watch repairer mainly for repairs and servicing to older mechanical watches. I am aware of several companies that do this and occasionally use T.W.R but they are too expensive for the majority of my customers. Someone local to my shop in Chorley, Lancs would be preferable but will consider posting repairs depending on prices. Thanks in advance!
  10. In 15 years in the job i've never come across one of these, Google tells me that they take a lithium iodine pacemaker battery that is integrated into the back of the watch..... Anyone have any experience with these???
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