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  1. You can get non OEM replacement bracelets on ebay, search with the case number...
  2. Excellent advice, thanks Ian!
  3. Thanks everybody, have got my jeweller to have a look, hopefully he can sort it!
  4. Hi all, does anybody know of anywhere that will polish engraving out of a pewter christening tankard? Thanks in advance!
  5. TC@TOWS

    Watch repairer needed

    Thanks Craig, have emailed him....
  6. I am looking for an experienced watch repairer mainly for repairs and servicing to older mechanical watches. I am aware of several companies that do this and occasionally use T.W.R but they are too expensive for the majority of my customers. Someone local to my shop in Chorley, Lancs would be preferable but will consider posting repairs depending on prices. Thanks in advance!
  7. In 15 years in the job i've never come across one of these, Google tells me that they take a lithium iodine pacemaker battery that is integrated into the back of the watch..... Anyone have any experience with these???
  8. What is this tool called?
  9. Thanks chaps. Its a pretty generic second hand really and won't be noticable if i swap it so it seems like a lot of pointless effort for Fossil to change the size! Shall have a look at that tool, i'm sure it'll come in handy in the future...
  10. Have changed quite a few movements recently, the latest being a Ronda 505 in a Fossil watch where the second hand has not fit properly. These are exactly the same movements in every way and everything else fits perfectly. Any explanation why the second hands do not fit or why the manufacturer would change the size? Just to be sure i've put the second hand back on the old movement and its a perfect fit but is too big for the new one and just swings freely?
  11. Thanks, shall give him a call...
  12. Sorry, Os20! Who put O so close to I on the keyboard
  13. i have actually contacted trading standards with regards to cousins' return policy, i ordered a movement from them that the stem won't stay in place, and they claim that all movements sent out from them are in perfect working order,i have sent them 2 recorded delivery letters, both of which they ignored and had no decency to reply to, will see how trading standards get on, it's not an overly expensive movement, more the principal involved Would be interested to hear what trading standards say, i've had a similar problem on a couple of occasions, movements not working and them refusing to accept responsibility. Also once had them recommend a replacement for a discontinued movement only to receive it and find the hand fittings were a different size, the winding stem did not fit and it did not fit to the face! Again, no responsibilty accepted....
  14. ...i need one with the date @ 6 and a bigger second hand fitting than the standard 0.17 this movement normally comes with. It's for a Danish Design watch, can anyone suggest anything? Thanks....