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  1. That's the one Graham. Hoping someone has got some they could sell me. Carefull though, there are other Oxford blanks same profile but thinner - no good to me. OFKEY2 is the one that I want, Cheers, Phil.
  2. Hi folks, Urgently need 10 x Oxford OFKEY2 keyblanks as in SKS key catalogue, SKS are out of stock, does anyone have some they can sell me? Cheers, Phil.
  3. Phil Morland

    suzuki alto

    JMA TP00SUZU14P2
  4. Hi all, If anyone has got some Millenco Magnum blanks and could sell me 5 or 10 I'd be really grateful. We've got 100 on order from Yale but the've quoted August delivery. Cheers, Phil.
  5. Phil Morland

    City Safe, laptop safe key ?

    Phil, my key isnt a convenience key. As said, its kack handed. OK, I see where you are coming from. EXS-6 is right for the current City Safe laptop safe overide key, but I can see yours is somewhat different. Should have studied you pic a bit closer, sorry. Phil.
  6. Phil Morland

    City Safe, laptop safe key ?

    We stock these safes. The correct blank is JMA EXS-6. Also good for a lot of Chinese cam locks. Hope that helps, Phil.
  7. Mini Kaba. Silca KA3 or JMA Jma KA-10. The end hasn't been ground down, that's how they are Graham. Phil.
  8. Hi Growster. Interesting. In theory I dont see why these cannot be cut on a milling machine, even with the cuts on the side of the blade. We have done similar before. If you like I would be happy to give it a go, if they don't work you don't pay. We would require written authority to duplicate X number of keys from the lock owner though - we stick to security proceedures even when out of patent - Phil.
  9. Phil Morland

    Safe Blank Needed.

    Hi Graham, We've got some John Tann safe blanks in stock, 6.5g pin, 180mm stem length, bit size 19 x 14mm. Any good? Phil.
  10. Phil Morland

    Ebay car keys

    We don't cut ebay car blanks as we cannot offer a guarentee on the blank. Also, due to the hardness of some of the blanks we have noticed excessive cutter wear when we did do them. It's usually very easy to convert customers over to our own blanks once they realise they will then get a fully gaurenteed key. Phil.
  11. Phil Morland

    Tune of the Day

    Loved this at the time, still do. Back then (1981) "morphing" was new technology, looks a bit dated now but still a great song.
  12. Phil Morland

    40 Phillips Crypto

    Hi Gray, We've got the Zedbull and that will clone ID40 onto T5 without any problems. Not sure about the AD900 though..... Phil.
  13. Phil Morland

    Piper Aircraft Key

    I cant trace keyblank from number but we have cut Piper aircraft keys before and they were on JMA BS1I blanks. Hope that helps, Phil. (edited by Phil to list correct key blank)
  14. Phil Morland

    Key Blank Wanted

    Oh, managed to find one, JMA TP00GM-28.P will do the trick, sorry to bother you, Phil.
  15. Hi folks, I'm after a keyblank for a Pontiac Montana, year 2000, Silca/Ilco reference B97-PT, or equivalent. Must have transponder carrier or pre fitted with Megamos ID13 chip. Does anyone have any of these babies, not asking much I know. \:D/ Regards, Phil.