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  1. ive successfully used vibram tzavo unit which has the option to come with micro midsole, vibram art. no. (1206Z) available from Charles birch. on perished Dubarry boots.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation, abbey saddlery stock Tiger thread,I’ll check it out.
  3. My dad showed me years ago when he made his own with hemp ,wax which he called Rossit ?and the bristles.
  4. When rewelting shoes I have always used wax twin threads ,the ones with wire bristles on their ends,managed recently to get what I think was the last couple from Colledge and sons, in future I was thinking about using waxed linen thread which I use in shuttle on my outsole stitcher and getting beeswax to further wax it, wonder if anybody has tips or recommendations for this type of work.
  5. Very impressed with your work and passion for the trade after only two years experience,through time you will improve and will keep learning as we all are, like your initiative for trying different finishing techniques, keep up the good work and look forward to your next video.
  6. An update on power unit problem, I checked fuseboard as was suggested and found by swapping fuses about that one of the 3phase fuses had blown,replaced faulty one and machines motors ran apart from polishing section which tripped out at machine, Peter at Siserve suggested disconnecting motor and seeing if switch still tripped,did so and it didn't trip with motor disconnected,so turns out motor was faulty,ordered new motor from Siserve which arrived and fitted and all seems to be well, many thanks to Peter at Siserve and all who offered advice.
  7. good craftsmanship on the cartridge bags,as a matter of interest are they stitched by hand or on a machine ?
  8. Hi Peter, I turned off the mains supply recently as I was disconnecting a water heater in the basement, the scouring section below the press are still working, don't think compressor was left on as I turn off supply at the wall switch when I leave shop,will be back at shop Monday or Tuesday and if ok I will give you a call,many thanks.
  9. Thanks for advice guys, I did look at fuse box,fuses seemed tight will check again , I did forget to mention power unit and shop are both 3phase electric .
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