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  1. Stanley Mishap

    Sums up my life...

    ...and their wife then says ....’cmon Terry that bloke in Timpsons just told you it’d be £130 for the same reason !’ ....ha ha ....BUSTED !
  2. My mate`s Omega Diver 300 is 2 years old and running 6 seconds slow a day... Omega`s remit for a free tweak is +/- 10 seconds ....otherwise its £400 to take a look I had it for a week and sussed that if you put it on a demagnetiser CROWN OUT and tap for a second ....it`ll gain 5 seconds a day similarly if you tap it on a demagnetiser for a second CROWN IN ....it`ll drop 5 seconds a day got it to +2 seconds a day ,which is easy for him to regulate by just popping out the crown once a day for 2 seconds... my mate now owes me £400.... (or a pint) hope one day this might be of use to someone....cheers
  3. Stanley Mishap


    £1.75 an inch (minimum price £10) - Do it in 2 stages Cut it out ... ....glue it in - leave overnight - stitch it in next morning...
  4. Stanley Mishap

    Versa Key ID please

    My mate had 2 cut off me on KBMP6 - worked a treat !
  5. Has anyone had the misfortune to run across these ? I’ve now tried funkey 6pin , ul2 , hd 16hl , jma u26d And e star s 6 pin... NOTHING appears to work ( one key managed to just unlock ) Any ideas appreciated chaps ...
  6. Hahaha ! .....there's only one person on here knows who I really am ....and we're sewn up tight ....
  7. Hate to tell you fella ....'it's not my real name' 😂😂😂
  8. Standard asec 1 ....I've cut them now off hd brass ....and rang the customer....all good ..... Just makes you look so daft !