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  1. Evening all, Just wondering whether anyone may have a watch strap stand simular to this one for sale. Either empty or with straps considered. (donation made to Forum charity if one if found) Thanks, Paul
  2. I went for a Gravo LS100 in the end. That said, now I understand how they work and more about laser engraving I wouldn't think twice about buying a Boxford or HPC.
  3. Cheers Pete, exactly what i was looking for.
  4. I'm looking at installing a CCTV system from our workshop in to the shop, has anyone fitted one and can recommend it? There are hundreds on the market and don't know whether i need to spend £100 or £500! It doesn't necessarily need to to record as it's main job will be for me to see when customers come in while working.(Will only need on camera as shop is quite small) Regards, Paul
  5. Interesting read, like you Peter, I know a fair few cobblers. The one i know with a "famous" past is Dave Turner in Chippenham. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Turner_(cricketer)
  6. Does anyone know the cost of a Gravograph rotary attachement for the LS100. I know I can find out in the morning, but I may have the chance of a very large order and I need to factor in the cost of the rotary. Any help, even a ball park figure, would bemuch appreciated. Cheers, Paul
  7. I can if you can wait until Thursday for me to send it?
  8. Thanks, yes i have. They are going to make me some to measure but really need one asap. Got a load of plaques to engrave tomorrrow and they will take 4 times as long on my universal. Never mind, these things are sent to try us!
  9. I am in desperate need of a 40mm drive belt for my Umarq Gem. Does anyone have a spare they can send me until I get a return call from Umarq (still trading apparently) and i can order some. Any help much appreciated. Paul
  10. I think from memory you have a short arm patcher but not mounted on a treadle. If you had a treadle you'd have both hands free to manovuere the job.
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