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  1. Thanks, I did just that in the end. Cut an off piece leather the same size as the collar and played with the position until it was right. I'm sure in time I'll get better at it.
  2. How about a wooden house sign, painted with the correct colour then engraved through and infilled black? Birch do a 75mm high blank if there is any wriggle room in the size?? Paul
  3. First question. I have got my first job in. A leather dog collar (suede) that requires a phone number. I'm still getting my head around positioning on the bed in relation to Corel draw. I've practised loads and everything came out OK but it's always a worry with customers items. Is it possible to heavily mask up an item and send the job over with VERY low power like you would when using standard engravers tape on a metal item. I know i can try it with the red light and not the laser itself (LS100) but thought a proper test would be helpful. Cheers in advance. Paul
  4. After the success (in my opinion) of the Vistool Owners Club I thought i'd start a similar thread about laser engraving. I've just bought my first laser engraver and have had some amazing help to get me started from Craig @ Mr Fix it. With all the amazing minds on this forum i thought i'd try and get some help to be spread around on anything and everything laser engraving. Any tips, any questions, any problems...
  5. I wasn't a massive fan of Birch until lockdown! I couldn't fault the help they were giving regarding opening back up, free posters, advice etc. Compared to other wholesalers who the only communication was a monthly statement at the end of March! They've had the vast majority of my business since re-opening.
  6. Cheers but no. They do a range of backing boards and an oak cross but not these. Thanks though.
  7. We have managed to trace most products that we used to buy from Mastergrave and U-Marq from other suppliers but am struggling to find wooden desk name holders, memorial plaque stakes and metal tree stakes. Any ideas?
  8. www.pantograph.co.uk Phoned them yesterday at 1pm for some sheeting and it arrived this morning at 9am. Always excellent service from them.
  9. I was first told that tip about 15 years ago when superglue was a swear word in our trade! I use the stuff to seal this type of thing or crumbling Eccos (as long as they aren't too bad). Couldn't image not having the stuff around now.
  10. Good luck with those! I've found that a primer/adhesive that may work on one pair may not on the next. Weirdly a tip I was given from an ole boy seems to work best: Prime with a thin layer of flexible superglue then use your usual plastic adhesive (I use Bos.5050), seems to work for me.
  11. I've got one if thats any help.
  12. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how to suck eggs but found this on Google. Might be ok with a little playing around.
  13. Hi Val, If Marky111 doesn't want it, i'll take it off your hands. Paul.
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