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  1. If you are looking for the pins on their own then no-one does. They are not available and not enough call for any manufacturer to set up and make....don't expect them anytime soon!
  2. When I bought mine a few years back the same happened. I told my supplier who said they had had some issues with some snoops not responding and sent me a new one. Maybe yours is an older one with issues??? (Even though it’s new to you it could have been in a warehouse some time)
  3. Hi Val, (@Forest Cobbler) Have you tried https://glassscribe.com/
  4. keep an eye on this website, not currently up and running but I presume will be soon. (advert at the back of cutting edge magazine) but reading between the lines and the email address tells me it's someone who used to work for a supplier that had a great range of pet tags that has now ceased trading and this is their new venture. http://www.betatags.com/
  5. This is what i did before but I feel even this is looking tired.
  6. I slat walled the shop about 5 years ago but i think even that looks old hat now. Although i'm keeping some as slat wall i'm going for glass shelving for engravable gifts. Hence wanting the repair area enclosed in a perspex box!
  7. We run both types of machines and both have their advantages. first question is what engraving machinery/software are you currently using (if any)? You could pick up a 2nd hand Umarq machine for £6k here https://mrfixitwholesale.co.uk/product/u-marq-universal-350-engraving-machine-used-great-condition/ This machine is amazing and the software very easy to learn and use. Laser wise, there are so many options from cheap chinese imports to Gravotech or Trotec which could be around the £15/30k mark. I would give @Craig Gardner, from Mr Fix it Wholesale a call (the websit
  8. Morning all, I'm at the beginning of a shop re-fit, it's main objective is to totally modernise the shop inside and out. My job this weekend is to knock down a large wall inside the shop then move the shoe repair machinery to the back of the shop (in newly formed area) and re-build a workshop with clear perspex walls/windows to enclose all the crap that is produced when working on shoes. Then re-jig the rest of thew shop area. I'm just after some ideas to be honest, show me your shops please. Anything from key cutting area, retail area, how you store rubber sheeting/laminate she
  9. you can also 'farm the work out' £2-5 incl posting busy fools I love the phrase "busy fools", I use it all the time. There are so many in the engraving business.
  10. https://www.colmanleder.be/product/SLTH/35610/Sleutelhanger+3D Colman Leder in Belgium have a crown key ring. If this is what you are after then call Tie Tight shoe laces, they import from them, they may even have the key ring in stock....worth a call.
  11. Evening all, Just wondering whether anyone may have a watch strap stand simular to this one for sale. Either empty or with straps considered. (donation made to Forum charity if one if found) Thanks, Paul
  12. I went for a Gravo LS100 in the end. That said, now I understand how they work and more about laser engraving I wouldn't think twice about buying a Boxford or HPC.
  13. Cheers Pete, exactly what i was looking for.
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