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  1. No idea how but the software had changed the model of engraving machine to one that only needed that type of workspace. A simple "run as admin" and change to the universal350 and job done.
  2. Thanks for your help. Simple to fix in the end.
  3. I've had to pop out of the shop for a while. I'll check this after lunch. Thank you for your replies.
  4. God knows what has happened but somehow when i go to set up a job the only option it gives me is "Flatbed" and not other options such as "Cylindrical Engraving" or whatever else is usually there? Any ideas how to get the other options back? Have called Mike @ UMarq but he's on holiday until Wednesday.
  5. Paul_

    TL key blank

    So i've found the geunine blanks now on Citysafe and Colledges website. Is there a copy blank made by anyone? Cheers
  6. I've cut these TL blanks on universals before but this particular customer says the blank won't go into the lock. The grooves are really shallow. Is there a speific blank for these?
  7. Paul_

    95 pins for metal heels

    I asked Colledges about them a while ago and was told they are not made as loose pins (only as fitted onto Pu tops) so simply not available.
  8. Totally agree, and funnily enough i removed around 12 shoe care products last weekend, re-arranged the retail space and added a much larger range of padlocks, key rings etc putting them in the prime position. One week late have sold nearly a dozen padlocks and cut countless keys for them too.
  9. A look at your shop is a big one for me. We all know Timpsons are hit and miss at shoe repairs but you can not fault their shops look and cleanliness. My old boss (many moons ago) Mr Adrian Coppin said, "ask yourself if your wife would shop in your shop", that has always stuck in my mind. I spent last Sunday re-decorating the exterior of the shop, although this was an absolute balls-ache the amount of comments this week has made it all worth while. Just try and be better than them! (not necessarily on price either)
  10. Paul_

    jack russell pet discs

    Scan a silhouette image of a jack Russell, engrave that on one side, details on the other. Jobs a good-un!
  11. Wellington Cobbler is where you will find John.
  12. John has got his own shop in Somerset. He's on Facebook if that's your posion.
  13. Paul_

    shoes not collected signage

    HAhahaha, i think i gave you that circa 1995 when i worked for Marshall Coppin!
  14. Paul_

    Best key boards

    I slat walled the whole shop and bought hooks for the key board area, shelving for shoe care displays, hooks to hang boots on, shelving and glass cabinets for trophies.
  15. Topy Vulsosoft for the small stuff and Topy Strong for the larger ones. Although just order some Vibram ones from CB to try.