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  1. RST colt Lazer machine, I've had it over 8 years, but just brought a Mustang, so no longer needed. Located in derby but maybe willing to meet as postage would be VERY expensive. £175ono
  2. I use birches 20/20, and I've recently done 7 pairs, not had any back, all I do different to normal is warm the boot up slightly as well as the new unit, and press as normal.
  3. Good afternoon At present I do watch batteries and strap replacement, but thinking of doing more like movement replacements/ glass fronts ect. Where would you recommend to approach about training? Thank you
  4. Universal 6 pin slim from nw keys, but think birches do one now also. Bloody council using c**p keys round your way too
  5. Yeah get what your saying, but thought id just offer and see, not bothered about getting rid of it to be fair, can just sit there and carry on earning.
  6. Morning just testing the water before the cutting edge show, ive got a TRS5000 with both tpx and tph boxes, had an update done at the start of the year at sks. Just putting it out there to see if anyones interested before i px it. £600 ono
  7. Yeah they are, but blister packing looks good, and i also have 2 of there display boards also, just makes display look good, and proffesional
  8. meatball


    Thanks for that, as i read it i believed it to be correct, but thats just made me feel better Much apprieciated
  9. meatball

    Card machine

    I use a verifone machine through Retail merchant services Its 3g so can be mobile, contactless ect, roughly costs £20 pm,inc fast 3hr payment, cant comment on transactions,cant remember but they are low per transaction
  10. meatball


    Apparently its £1725 pa Dont know if that sounds right, but thats what it had online.
  11. Ive stocked maxus locks and i find they look good, display wise, and decent turnover too.
  12. meatball


    Been in my shop now for 4 years, paid none upto now, but looked on line today and should pay £1725, shop is 26 sq/m. This is a concern for me, as it would equal £36pw. Im hoping for good news still on this
  13. Evening Coukd you give me an idea of what the right offer may be, and how old it is, and is it still under subscription Thank you