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  1. Ridgeback

    HPC code max

    I'm sure they stopped making these years. Can anyone recommend where I can get my Codemax overhauled. It will do 100's of the older keys like Silca DM1RP that my Keyline 994 won't.
  2. Ridgeback

    ID Key Please

    Many thanks for the quick responses. Much appreciated
  3. Can anyone recognise this key from a 1983 Moto Guzzi V65 SP Many thanks
  4. Finally got some Aldridge yesterday, only to find that the jaws of my Silca Matrix aren't deep enough to stop it from jumping out. On checking the blank, I notice that instead of both side being flat, the lower half of each side is angled, so when you tighten the jaw, one side of the jaw rides up the angle and jumps out. So I would suggest buying in a couple to try them first.
  5. Ridgeback

    Cutting an eBay key

    I used to cut them until this happened with a customer supplied HU92 bladed Rover 75 case. I set it cutting and walked away to get something from the printer. It started to make an awful noise and before I could hit the kill button on my 994 the cutter snapped. I thought the axis board may have been damaged as I had to re-calibrate the jaws several times before it was finally right. You just can't tell what is soft or hard metal, so I just give them a miss, lesson learnt.
  6. Ridgeback

    Silca ID48

    Needed to clone a couple over the week-end, a 2000 Golf TDI and a 2003 Audi A4 V6 petrol. Couldn't pull the pin on the Golf to program, so cloned it. Everything went straight forward from sniffing to writing, but wouldn't start the engine. Checked the original and cloned logic on my AD100Pro, and it was exactly the same, so gave up on that one. Pulled the pin on the A4 ,but could not get comms to program, so cloned it. Again everything went straight forward, until it got to writing, and it threw up a write error. Checked the original and cloned logic on my AD100Pro, and it was exactly the same, but this time the engine started. I had exactly the same issue when I cloned the 2 keys on my 2009 VW Caddy, both threw write errors, but work perfectly. Any thoughts appreciated
  7. Ridgeback

    Silca ID48

    Anyone cloned a Volvo C70 without problems? I have a customer with a 2003 C70. Its a fair trek away, so I don't want to waste my time if its going to be like the S80 Thanks
  8. Ridgeback

    BD laser Problem

    Had a similar issue with mine. I noticed mine was making some unusual noises when it was booting up When it started to cut a HU66 it made an almighty grinding sound. I hit the stop button and on checking the blade, it had missed it completely and was cutting the right jaw clamp. Thinking the worse, just by chance I noticed the upside down 25 pin connector was loose. I tighten up the 2 screws, rebooted it and it was perfect. I can only think that constant vibration had worked the connector loose. I'm not saying this will be your problem, but worth checking out.
  9. Thanks Graham, Might just bite the bullet and a £20 key from Ebay Rgds
  10. Thanks for the link guys, but I was after some blanks as I can cut them myself. Rgds
  11. Its a different key from the one in the link. Look at the end of the blade, the EU21P is the same width from back to tip
  12. Forgot to mention, key is a Trimark
  13. Are these blanks available yet. My caravan only came with 2 key, but could do with a couple of more spares. Regards
  14. Ridgeback

    Silca ID48

    Also had a nightmare job adding a remote to 2010 VW Transporter T5 Facelift Remote went straight in under Auto Detect Remote on AD100Pro, but failed on Auto Detect Immobiliser, came back as "Dash Unrecognisable" Spoke to Hickley's Tech support, unfortunately just one that can't be done. Got out the RW4 and M-Box First problem after pressing "copy" of original key, showed VW A1 and copy to P-BOX After a quick check, noticed that the P-BOX was turned off, but didn't think it mattered as this was only for ID46 cloning. Turned on the P-BOX, re-read the original key, now reads correctly, copy to M-BOX Sniffed original 3 times OK. Option to upgrade displayed, so waited about 5 minutes via my mobile for this to finish. After an initial 6 minute wait time, quickly dropped to 3 minutes after a few seconds. Wrote to chip, "Writing Error" Read T48 in AD900, showed VW A1 logic but different from the original and also not shown as locked. Had a useful chat with Lee at Silca who thought problem could be interference. Went through everything that likely to interfere. As a last resort I transferred the unit from the passenger seat of my Caddy where its always been into the rear of the van powered via the cigi lead into a jump pack, and started again. Once it had read the key again, it showed that Job 3 was ready (again) I used the same T48 chip, but this time it went straight through and showed success, I opened up the remote, de-soldered the aerial off the circuitboard and glued the T48 in its place, and it started the engine OK. Something, don't ask me what within the cab is creating interference, so if anyone else is having strange problems, try moving it to a different part of the van. Many thanks to Lee for his time and help.
  15. Finally got to the bottom of this mystery. Had a very interesting chat with Lee from Silca, and now it makes sense. We have concluded that this was originally a lost key job, and that a normal ID48 chip in a non remote key, was programmed to it, just to get it up and running as the 2 button remote keys are very expensive. It wouldn't sniff because the system is a ID48-A. The RW4 detects the ID48 chip in the key and assumes its a ID48 system, and continues the snooping process. The learning curve continues.