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  1. WANTED Needing true code or and Other renault software For renaults iff anyone has it and not using anymore Thanks
  2. Iff your gonna seperate the kit im after a few of the eprom leads im missing Any photos
  3. Update Basicly my local council have now stated that as i have never applyed for a valuation on my kiosk unit for the past 10 years Iff i apply now for a buisness rates valuation its classed as a new business valuation So im not entitiled for a grant as a small buisness I had a email back from my local mp stating that he has got in touch with the local council to ask and to look in further for their decision for me As a small retail business Im not building my hopes up
  4. So its come to light that our shoe repair buisness is not listed on the local council business rates Even though 8 years ago we had a valuation & our kiosk was under the thresh hold for buisness rates So it was left as is Last week i contacted the local council asking iff i would be entitled to the gov grant Even though we are a regestered trader for cutting there keys From our shop address There is no listings of our shop on there rates listing & would take aprox 3 months for another valuation on our kiosk in the shopping centre were we are b
  5. Wanted zedfull leads Needed asap ZED-FULL ZFH-C02P New Vag Cluster Blue Cable With Pogo Pin-Probe Also the bmw /mini lead What you can piggyback the immo chip with Thanks
  6. Lowa boots similar to altburg I do quite a few pairs Look good with these soles Just finishing them
  7. Key I'd required please Usualy just cut on a u26d But not going in
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