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Community Answers

  1. Silca AB88 should be the passkey for these abus/cisa sections.
  2. Only available by card. This system is not patented but their mark is in their profile. Sidepins are passive and we have seen ("somewhere" made) DiM key's used here to bypass this. I don't know who is agent for DOM in the UK but i'm sure they van help if your customer provide their card.
  3. Does anybody knows the cuts for this code on a MLM1 blank?
  4. Silca LP3 (pass), cards are in instacode. There are different spacings used over the years so this can be a "by the handjob". If it is a screw in cilinder we have still some lying arround if needed also original (no pass) blancs and parts. Have fun with it!
  5. Its for Abus (pass key will fit differtent sections). Silca AB61/AB67 etc. AB83 will come closest.
  6. You can use also DL1R and use card (silca) 224 and do them to code. Needs to be shortened a bit.
  7. The logo is from Dorma and they do it with FCV, have a look at Silca FV2
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